Yohondo iPad app UI design

kc web design kent were contacted by the lovely John and Jane from Yohondo a few months ago about designing the user interface for their new iPad app. Yohondo have spent the last 12 - 18 months designing and building a skeleton app that will completely change the way people learn graded music lessons. A huge amount of research and testing had gone into the app and kc web design kent were offered the task of creating and designing a beautiful user interface for the iPad app that would help bring all...[ read more ]

WordPress themes for web designers

KC themes - Wordpress themes for web designers - was created by kc web design Kent to give web designers a different kind of Wordpress theme. The themes we create for KC themes - Wordpress themes for web designers - are specifically designed for web designers by web designers who understand what makes a great Wordpress theme easy to work with for a designer. Most Wordpress themes come fully loaded with custom designs, option control panels and all sorts of extra features that make it easy for Wordpress website owners to...[ read more ]

William Cowley Parchment & Vellum

kc web design Kent and William Cowley have been working hard over the last few months to launch a brand new website for the 140 year old parchment and vellum maker. When Adrian from William Cowley first came to see me at kc web design Kent I was instantly drawn to this project. William Cowley are one of only 3 companies in the world that still make Vellum (a type of parchment made from animal skins - all ethically sourced of course) and it's a company that's been around for 140...[ read more ]

Hydrant & UK Vets Online

kc web design Kent are delighted to be working with the talented developers at Hydrant on lots of new exciting website design projects including this user interface redesign for UK Vets Online. Working with Hydrant as a UI consultant and designer we took over the UI/UX design for UK Vets Online, the UK's largest online network for Vet practices. The UI and general website design needed an update and key features completely redesigning. kc web design Kent spent many hours sketching and wireframing specific areas of the site together with...[ read more ]

Myers Lister Price Solicitors

A few years ago, kc web design Kent built a website for a tradition solicitors in Manchester. Myers Lister Price has recently gone through a branding redesign so kc web design Kent were commissioned to bring the website up-to-date with the new modern vision and direction of the company. kc web design kent worked closely with the PR company to make sure the new brand was reflected in the new website and that all parts of the brand were executed in accordance with the guidelines. The new website is responsive...[ read more ]

Citrus Service Desk

Citrus Service Desk is a Service Management software application designed to help organisations deliver ITIL best practise. Simplisys came to use needing a new brand and website for their new service desk product - Citrus. The brand was created around the name using appropriate colours and shapes while keeping the overall look simple so that the brand could be easily used across a multitude of media types and sizes. The website was built on Wordpress allowing Citrus staff to easily update and expand the site as the new product grew....[ read more ]

Drai Fine Art

Drai Fine Art are a UK based fine art dealer selling art globally. Drai came to kc web design, Kent needing a brand, business cards and a new e-commerce website to manage, sell and promote high-end art. The website was built using Expression Engine with a custom shop tailored to their needs. The website was built to be PCI compliant and utilises advanced payment systems for a seamless buying process. The design was created to stand out in the crowded fine art marketplace and give Drai a unique feel to...[ read more ]

Deltr web app

Deltr - our brand new web app - will be released later this year. We're about to enter beta testing with live users and the final push to finish the last few major features is under way. Deltr is a new blogging platform design for users with little or no experience in creating websites. Its main focus is on writing content and the user will be able to create websites, write content and earn money from doing it. We've been working very hard on the brand and user interface to...[ read more ]

Citrus logo

Citrus Service Desk is a Service Management software application designed to help organisations deliver ITIL best practise. The brand was created around the name using appropriate colours and shapes while keeping the overall look simple so that the brand could be easily used across a multitude of media types and sizes. Visit Website

Hicks.uk.com web design

A long time ago we did a website for David Hicks of Really Good/Soul fame (I used to work with David as a card designer years ago) for his photography hobby. Now, much more than a hobby, David travels the world taking photos of all kinds of people and places. Over the years the galleries have built up and David adds new galleries almost every month so the old site was in need of a revamp. We originally used Adobe Contribute as the CMS but this was now too slow...[ read more ]

Auto Italian

Auto Italian - logo and brand for Italian car specialists. The logo was based around great Italian cars and conjures up a feeling of those cars with the skeuomorphic elements such as the leather and metal. A website will be coming soon.

FlameOps website design

Brand and logo design, website design, print and graphic design, mobile website design and iPhone app design. We’re doing them all for FlameOps. There’s nothing better than being involved with a project from the beginning and we’re very lucky to be doing that with flameOps. We’ve been on hand to advise at all levels of the flameOps business and have created the original brand and logo, the website design, the design of the van graphics, business cards (which are very cool and partly sprayed with zinc!) and much more to...[ read more ]

Excel World website design

We’ve recently launched a brand new website design for Excel World, a leading provider of training, consultancy and business improvement courses in the UK. Nearly a year in the making, the Excel World website went through many design changes but the end result has been a great success. Many thanks for your patience and hard work in putting this all together - let’s hope our customers like it as much as we do! The main focus of the re-design was on the display of the content. There is a huge...[ read more ]

Business cards

As well as creating websites, web apps and engaging user interfaces we also do the odd bit of print work including business cards. For small runs we usually get them printed by the fantastic guys at moo.com but we can also source longer runs on all sorts of lovely card, even embossed style cards.

New Eazzee web design

The new updated version of the Eazzee.co.Uk website has been completely redesigned to focus the website more on products. Our brief was to re-focus the site with a new web design to improve customer confidence and ease of ordering while adding new features and streamlining the buying process. With an improved basket facility and options to order without registering, the new site was designed to be bolder, less cluttered and easier for customers to order. Some of the major new features we’ve added in this update - as well as...[ read more ]

Noteboxapp – Launch

kc web design created Notebox - a design and concept feedback app/tool - to help designers get client feedback on their designs and concepts in a simple, client-friendly way. Back in March we had an idea. By July we had a working product. By September it had been in private beta with a select group of testers for a few months. Finally, last month, we launched…quietly! We have big plans for Notebox next year but for now we wanted to grow slowly but surely making sure we had the infrastructure...[ read more ]

Norman Global Logistics

Norman Global Logistics came to kc web design with a very old website that had served them well for nearly 12 years. In web terms, thats a long time and Norman needed to really bring things up to date and provide a website that would give their customer useful information, ways to track consignments, offer a way to pay invoices online and provide shipping tools and news. We selected KC Web Design to replace our out-dated website with a new design and features that would be of benefit to existing...[ read more ]

Realms of possibility

If you’d like to break out to fulfil a long term ambition, change career, find a better life balance or just make the most of your precious life then Realms of Possibility may be able to help! Realms of Possibility wanted a website designer to update their website design and create a whole new look and direction. The principal aim for the website was to appeal to, and interest, new customers encouraging them to make initial contact and provide information on the courses and events available. The website was re-designed...[ read more ]

Alison Jane Photography

Alison Jane Photography is a professional wedding photographer in Kent and is based near Canterbury. Alison offers Wedding and Portrait photography across Kent and the South East. Alison came to us for a complete web design overhaul so we decided to completely rebuild the website using Wordpress to allow Alison complete control over the content and give her an easy way to add photo’s to galleries. We created a unique Wordpress theme with built in gallery modules to help Alison keep control over all 3 gallery sections. Theres also a...[ read more ]