Apple Watch and iPhone 6

It’s that time of year again. The BIG Apple announcement. And what a big one it was this year! Everyone suspected Apple would launch the iWatch (note they’ve now dropped the ‘i’) but not many predicted it would be such a hit.

As a web designer and developer here at kc web design kent I have a keen interest in Apple announcements (will I need another device to test on!) and a new product is always exciting, especially when we’ve gone a few years without a new innovative product hitting the streets. Apple have a knack for watching emerging markets, waiting a while and then launching a product into the market place that completely steals the show…and the Apple Watch is no exception. Even if you don’t really think you need one it still has that aura of something you just have to have. It looks great as a watch to start with plus add in all that functionality and you have something that a lot of people will use as well as just want.

It’ll be interesting to see how many Apple sell next year but I suspect it’ll be a big hit. Will I get one? I’d like one but the price is high and I’m always too close to a phone and computer to make the extra features worth the extra price. They do look great though and I haven’t had a decent watch for years…

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

OK, hands up, I’m still on an iPhone 4s! I’m just not into upgrading every time Apple release a new phone even though I use them for testing website designs and web apps. With all the different iPhone screen sizes and resolutions out there now you do need a few devices for testing responsive web design on – the Xcode phone simulator comes in handy for that – and now we have two new screen sizes again! The iPhone 6 and the even bigger iPhone 6 plus. Once the rush has calmed down I will be getting an iPhone 6 but I don’t see the need for the extra large 6 plus. I know there’s a trend in big phones – which will eventually meet with the trend for small tablets – but for me a phone needs to fit easily in my pocket. If I need something bigger I have the iPad Air or the Nexus 7. A phone should be easy to carry around and not get in the way and I think the 6 plus will be just that bit too big to be comfortable.

From a looks point of view I actually like the fact the iPhone 6 has gone back to the beveled edge. I was never a big fan of the straight edged 4 and 5, they never felt very comfortable in your hand. The camera on the iPhone just gets better and better with each release and I never really use my Lumix any more these days as the iPhone camera is so good. The update on the iPhone 6 will make the camera even better. Other than the speed increase, extra sensors and new apps such as Apple Pay (that we can’t use in the UK yet) the new iPhone 6 is a pretty standard next version. It will seem like a huge leap forward from the 4s though, which I’ll keep for testing web design projects in our device lab at kc web design kent! And lets hope BookBook do a case for it.