Dribbble freebies infographic PSD file

Everyone loves a freebie and everyone loves Dribbble freebies so kc web design Kent have given you a little present to use in your own designs. Its a simple infographic that can be used for all sorts of number presentations.

You can download the PSD file from Dribbble or here.

Over the next few months we’ll be doing some more Dribbble freebies and giving back to a great web design community. If you’re a web designer that isn’t on Dribbble yet then do it now! Get some of your best work together and try and get an invite, it will be the best thing you do this year. The Dribbble community is fantastic and the quality of web design work on there is amazing. Dribbble freebies are also a great source to learn from as well as use in your own designs.

As well as the Dribbble freebies and great inspiration from some of the worlds top web designers there’s the job board which is well worth a look. Competition for the jobs is high and you’ll be applying for jobs along with lots of other top designers but the jobs that come through onto the job board are very good. It’s been a great source of freelance jobs for kc web design Kent and one place I keep going back to.

Keep an eye out on kc web design kent for more Dribbble freebies in the future and follow me on Dribbble.


kc web design Kent review – The new iTunes 11

iTunes 11 came out today and the internet has been a flood of praise and criticism for Apples new version of its flagship music player. The top 5 latest features in the new iTunes are the completely redesigned interface, iCloud integration, a new mini player, up next queuing and a much better search as well as being much much faster and integrating a common look for the iTunes store across all Apple devices.

Working at a small web design studio like kc web design kent means working mostly in a room with no other people for the majority of the time. Working like this at kc web design kent has its pro’s and con’s and one of the nicest pro’s is being able to play what ever music I like on my retro hi-fi equipment and 6 speakers! iTunes 11 does feel a lot faster, especially on a large music collection, and after spending the last few years just hitting play and shuffle it did feel nice whizzing around the UI and selecting specific albums and songs again. In fact, I’ve listen to more old music today because of the improved UI than I have done in a long time.

The overall feel of the new version is quite nice but there are a few places where some sloppy UI design has crept in with some unsightly shadows and what looks like fuzzy text. There were some reactions on Twitter stating the new font used was Helvetica instead of the normal Apple Lucida. All in all though, the new version is pretty good. The iCloud integration will make a lot of people happy and the new UI design is sharp and slick and zippy. All I need now is that Apple TV to create the whole house entertainment system and a way to stream movies into the kc web design kent office…must write that letter to Santa.


kc web design kent – Google Nexus 7 review

kc web design kent – Google Nexus 7 review. I talked about the need for hardware testing for responsive web design a few days ago and mentioned the devices we were going to add to our arsenal here at kc web design Kent. One of those was the Google Nexus 7 tablet.

First good thing I have to say about the Nexus 7, and more specifically about Google, was the delivery was super fast! Ordered 1 day, came the next, even though the order stated 2/3 days. Well done Google, have a +1. The Nexus 7 comes in a very well packaged box with the bare minimum of accessories: the tablet, charger and small booklet…no sign of a screen cloth though which I would consider to be an essential accessory for a touch device. After a quick charge the Nexus 7 started up and straight away notified me of an OS update which I agreed to. It then restarted pretty quickly and setup the update which then allowed me to access the device properly. On first look it seems like a really nice small tablet. It’s responsive to touch commands and the Android OS feels quick and fluid once you get used to it (which took a while after using so many Apple devices…I kept going for that home button!). After about 30 mins of using it I got another OS update notification so I agreed and it was installed. And 30 mins later another one, to update to Android 4.2, which is hopefully the last update and the Nexus is now on the latest version.

As the Nexus 7 will be used purely for testing I went straight to the browser and looked at a few responsive web designs we’ve done here at kc web design kent and straight away it showed that no matter how good you think you’re media queries are, there’s always a device where your responsive website design doesn’t look quite right. Because of the screen size of the 7″ Nexus the portrait and landscape sizes fall between some widely used media queries and so a few sites needed some tweaks. This just shows the importance of testing on real devices and is the reason why we’re gathering a suite of devices to test on at kc web design Kent.

After using the Nexus 7 for a day or so I think its pretty good. Once you get used to a different OS and different way of navigating around it becomes fairly intuitive, although I still keep going for that home button. It still makes me think that Apple have got it right but Android aren’t far behind and the Nexus is a good device and a very good price.

If you’d like more information on responsive web design or how your website can be adapted to work on all major mobile devices then give kc web design Kent a call.