Weblite from kc web design – The low cost website builder for small businesses

At kc web design kent we get a lot of request for small websites for businesses starting out on the web. Some have good budgets set aside but many just don’t have the money for a full website design based on a content management system like WordPress or Expression with a unique design. So, we got thinking and decided to create an online website builder just for small business with a low budget. Hello kc weblite.

What is weblite?

Weblite is a low cost website builder for small businesses. It has a very simple online interface that allows the user to select a theme with one click, enter their company details, add their logo and a few colours and start creating pages. The user interface has been designed to be easy to use for people with only basic knowledge of the internet and we’ve made it extremely easy to edit text and add images to your website. All the themes in weblite are modern and responsive so they’ll look great on all mobile devices. Contact forms, maps and other content are automatically generated so the user doesn’t have to worry about complicated form building or editing lots of settings. Set-up is also very easy and we’ll help with buying domain names or transferring existing ones over. Hosting is including in the monthly costs so there are no hidden extras you need to pay for on top. And there’s FREE support! We’ve made the weblite system so easy to use that there should be no reason to use our free support but we’re always here to help.

Who is weblite for?

Weblite is perfect for small businesses just starting on the web that want a small 5-10 page website thats easy to setup and use. The monthly costs and small setup fee make it cost effective with no large outlays. Weblite is also perfect for businesses that want a small website but don’t need lots of complicated features but need access to manage content themselves.

How much does it cost?

Weblite is only £20 per month with a £100 setup fee. It takes a very short time to setup and get access to the weblite system and websites can be created and online with minutes!

How can I get it?

We’re currently finalising the system and adding in more themes. Weblite will be launched to the public in the next few weeks but if you want early access please just get in touch. We doing FREE setup for the first 5 users that come on board before we launch!

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