Paymentsense for e-commerce website design

Over the last 15 years e-commerce has changed a lot. In that time we’ve built many, many different types of e-commerce website design – from huge bespoke shops integrated into warehouse systems to the modern day Woocommerce stores. Even though e-commerce has changed one thing seems to have stayed staic – the payment providers.

The two main payment providers in the UK – excluding Paypal – have been Worldpay and Sagepay (previously Protx) and most of the e-commerce website design projects we’ve undertaken have used one of these payment providers. My personal preference is Sagepay but they’re both very similar, and they both charge a lot of money for the privilage of using their systems to deal with card payments.

E-commerce website design with Paymentsense

Paymentsense are a new kind of payment provider. They offer the same services as the other leading players in the market but with a big difference – they charge far less! For small businesses starting out on line the costs of taking payments has always been an issue which is why many businesses stick with Paypal (although even they aren’t cheap these days!) and don’t go near ‘proper’ payment gateways. Paymentsense make it easier for new businesses to dip into e-commerce without spending a fortune and their payment systems are very, very good. While some of the leading payment providers are still not supplying responsive payment pages that work on mobiles, Paymentsenses’ pages all work well on mobiles. They also supply card readers if you have a physical shop, have great support and can save you a huge amount of money on transaction fees alone.

Having recently worked with a customer changing from Sagepay to Paymentsense on a e-commerce website design project I can honestly say the integration was easy and support fantastic. When I had an issue with the way country codes were being dealt with by Paymentsense they were open to feedback and quick to make changes. Exactly what you need as a developer! And my client should be saving over £1000 per year in transaction fees.

If you’re interested in saving money on e-commerce website design and swapping over to a modern payment gateway then get in touch. It doesn’t take much to swap your website over or change payment providers and you could be saving yourself a lot of money at the same time and providing your customers with a better expereince.