In the last part of this series – kc web design Kent tools for web design – part 5 – we spoke about other tools we use here at kc web design Kent. In this article I’ll be looking at iPhone app development tools we’re currently researching for designing mobile applications in html/javascript here at kc web design Kent.

There are quite a few mobile frameworks on the market now and an equal number of wrapper apps that allow you to build a mobile app in native web code and then package it for deployment to the app store. The benefits of creating mobile apps this way are obvious – you don’t need a native C programmer, you can build the app in the web design code you know and use every day and then package that up in a nice iOS wrapper. The downsides of this seem to be speed although the main players in the wrapper market seem to be addressing this now.

On the wrapper front we have Phonegap (now owned by Adobe) and Appcelerator Titanium. I’ve played with Titanium a while ago and found it tricky because a lot of the code used is a custom version of javascript and so not as intuitive as using normal web code. Theres a bit of a learning curve and lots of new syntax and classes to learn.

Phonegap on the other hand looks interesting. It seems to plug in to Xcode and allow you to integrate html5/css3 frameworks such as Sencha Touch 2 and Jquery Mobile. This means creating an app is a lot easier using native web code but the packaging up in the wrapper looks a little more complicated. Now that kc web design Kent are on the new Adobe Creative Cloud we have access to Phonegap and the new Dreamweaver CS6 comes bundled with access to Phonegap and integration of Jquery Mobile. From a testing point of view this could be an ideal setup so the next stage for us at kc web design Kent is to crack open Dreamweaver and see how easy it is to create a simple mobile app using Phonegap and Jquery Mobile.

As soon as we have some results and better opinions we’ll post it here so.