50% of web design projects don’t consider mobile

In a survey by Design Shack, almost 50% of web design companies didn’t consider mobile users when building websites. Mobile users now account for over 15% of all UK web traffic so mobile websites should be considered in every web design project. David Appleyard of Design Shack said: “The volume of traffic accessing websites using mobile phones is only going to rise for the foreseeable future. Web designers need to start adding mobile usability to their list of services quickly, and those who fail to adapt to these changes risk...[ read more ]

Web design side projects - Deltr

We’ve had a few side projects here at kc web design, Kent. Most notably, our Notebox web app for web designers that was launched last year. We learnt a huge amount about designing web apps during the Notebox project. Some good, some bad, some difficult, some frustrating, some expensive and some silly. Everything we learnt about designing web apps we’ve learnt in the real world on real web design web app projects. And now, a few years later and a few years wiser, we’re embarking on a new mission. All...[ read more ]

Web designers and the Typo3 CMS

Content management systems are great. They empower our clients to take control over their own websites and make building good, content rich websites easier. Or at least they should! Most website designs projects we get involved in where we use a CMS we normally use one of two systems - Wordpress or Expression Engine. Both are fantastic systems, both for the web designer and the client and we have a huge amount of experience using both systems. We’ve looked at others - Perch is very good - but we tend...[ read more ]

Mobile website design kent

On Friday the iPhone 4s was released to the general public. In the last 4 days over 4 million iPhone 4s handsets have been sold. Going on those figures alone, anyone ignoring the mobile platform would be very, very silly. With numbers of users of modern handheld browsing devices reaching dizzying proportions there’s just no way you can ignore those users. Your website must work on these devices. With a few minor web design tweaks most websites will look ok on these devices. Depending on your website design and your...[ read more ]

Web design and SQL Injection hacks

Like most web design studios we don’t just do design all day, we develop websites from scratch and write all the code. This means we use all sorts of technologies on all sorts of platforms. Over the past few months we have noticed a massive increase in hack attempts on websites hosted on Windows servers. Windows servers have always been bad. Linux servers seem to attract less attention. Most of the web design we do is for websites hosted on Linux servers and written in PHP but we do have...[ read more ]

HTML5 Boilerplate theme for Expression Engine

At kc web design ltd, Kent we work a lot with Wordpress and Expression Engine. On a recent project we decided to create a blank theme based on the fantastic HTML5 Boilerplate framework that we could use on other projects as a blank, basic template when we install Expression Engine. The web design industry has embraced html5 and there are so many good things about using html5 that everyone in the web design industry should at least be trying it out and using some of the new features in html5...[ read more ]

Your website should bring you more business

Making your website stand out in a crowd isn’t always about making it look different or quirky. Standing out in a crowd can also be done by making your website work well in ways that others don’t and offering a unique selling point or feature. You know your company, you understand the market and your competitors. What is it that makes your company successful, what do your customers value above other companies? Is it price, customer service, location? Once you have your niche then your website design should maximise on...[ read more ]

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design means using fluid grids, fluid layouts and media queries to adapt your website layout for different screen sizes. Responsive website design means your website will change depending on the growing device so it shows a different layout for mobiles, iPads or huge monitors. Using responsive web design means your website can adapt to any media and show the user the best possible display of data. Responsive website design means you can build one website to serve all your content and present your brand in a unique way...[ read more ]

SEO and website design blogs

Having a blog or news page on your new website design seems to be the norm these days. Everyone talks about blogs, almost everyone seems to have a blog, but how can they help your new website? Having a good website design is only part of the story. Getting your website to rank in search engine results is also very important as you want to get your website in front of potential new customers. A good website design company should do some basic SEO (search engine optimisation) for you when...[ read more ]

Web design and your website content

In today’s global, web based economy, your website and website design is your most important sales tool. Your website is the most powerful communication tool your business has and is most often the first point of contact that a new client or customer will have with your company. If your website isn’t generating you new leads, sales or a return on your investment then it’s possible your website design isn’t making a good impression on your target market. Lots of businesses are unhappy with the lack of return their websites...[ read more ]

Easy way for web designers to test websites in IE9

As a Mac user and web designer I don’t really want to have to pay the large sum of money to buy Windows 7 just to test websites in IE9. Luckily, there is a way to do. You need a VM system - we use Virtual Box - and an install disk for Windows 7. You don’t have to buy this. You can sign-up and download the developer ‘Windows 7 enterprise trial’ disk image from Microsoft. Just Google that phrase and you’ll find the link. Microsoft will make you jump...[ read more ]

Is your website design losing you customers?

A recent survey by 1&1 Internet has concluded that 37% of people have walked away from doing business with an online company simply because their website design was bad. So, what is a baldy designed website? It’s not just about the way it looks its also about how it works and how users interact with it. Nearly all good web designers will have considered and found solutions to the following problems when building a website but, if your current website is having any of these problems then you may need...[ read more ]

Web Design For Small Businesses in Kent

Embarking on a new website design or web design & build project can be a little daunting. Your new website design should all run smoothly and the ultimate goal is to increase traffic and new business from the new website. But, these things don’t always go smoothly so here are four web design pitfalls and how to avoid them. 1. Site is too busy and confusing Sometimes web designers like to stick on all the bells and whistles, but this can cause your site to load slowly and get in...[ read more ]

Being a Kent web designer on Dribbble

One of my goals for this year was to get on Dribbble. For those that have never heard of it - and you probably won’t have unless you’re a designer - it’s an invite only community for designers that allows you to upload snippets of designs for feedback and back slapping from your peers. I didn’t really have a proper reason for wanting to be apart of the web designer community on Dribbble but it seemed like a great place to mingle with other good designers and there was something...[ read more ]

E-commerce website design from kc web design

We live in a world where the Internet is now common place. Businesses should give e-commerce some serious consideration in this connected age because if you’re not selling online, you can guarantee your competitors are. Kc web design, Canterbury, Kent can help your business grow significantly with a new e-commerce website, so what should you consider when taking the leap into e-commerce? Businesses that have both an offline and online outlet often find their websites more profitable as these require minimal maintenance and overheads. If you’re starting small then a...[ read more ]

Successful Website Design Project Tips

If you’re about to start a new business website, or refresh an old website design, then these web design tips will help the success of your project. If you don’t have a website yet – or if your current website has old content or no longer reflects your business goals - you could risk turning away customers and that means you may be losing sales. Successful Website Design Tips 1. Your website users should be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Your website design should...[ read more ]

UK government launches web design guide

The UK government has launched a guide called 10 principles of good web design to help businesses create websites that are appealing for their users and to help the uptake of online services. This new web design guide is basically an update to the government’s e-Accessibility Action Plan. This action plan aims to ensure that everybody gets the most from the internet and websites, including disabled people, and gives guidance in several areas of web design. Included in the guide are ideas such as making your website flexible, straightforward, informative,...[ read more ]

Web design should help your users

Websites can be frustrating. We’ve all had the experience of trying to use a website and getting annoyed by not being able to find a link or not getting user feedback. Most of the time this is caused by bad website design and usability. With a few simple rules these design and usability frustrations can be stopped thus having a huge impact on your website and user experience which could help improve sales. The next time you have a call from a frustrated customer confused about your website think about...[ read more ]

Authentic Jobs UK - Web design jobs board

A great new job site - Authentic Jobs UK - has just been released after the success of its US counterpart. We serve Authentic Jobs ads on Noteboxapp and working with them has been fantastic and the service they provide for the web design and development community is the best out there. Having a dedicated UK site for web design job listings will make a huge difference to UK web designers and developers, not just in Kent but all over the country. The quality of job listings on Authentic Jobs...[ read more ]

Badly designed websites a big no, no

A new report by OnePoll has showed that 70% of consumers will not purchase goods or services from a company with a badly designed website. This highlights just how important good web design is to all businesses, large or small. If a consumer doesn’t have the confidence in your site - which they will get from how the site looks and works - then they will go to other websites that they feel are “better”. With facts and figures coming out every week about how we use the web in...[ read more ]