What is web design?

Web design tips are 2 a penny these days but there are a few simple rules that can help when designing a website. Firstly, ask yourself one simple question - What is design? Design, although it can be aesthetically pleasing, is created to fulfil a function or a need. Something purely artistic should illicit an emotional response but something designed for a purpose and a need should illicit a logical response. Don’t clutter your design. Less is more really does work on the web so keep it simple and effective....[ read more ]

Some simple web design tips

Creating a good website is not as easy as most online tutorials would have you think. Creating a professional web design takes a lot more skill and expertise than just buying a template and adding your own text; it’s about building an online identity and presence that identifies with your company, your products and services and will appeal to visitors on all platforms including mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Before you embark on your new web design project you should consider the following topics when trying to...[ read more ]

Good web design doesn’t come cheap

Good web design doesn’t come cheap. Good web design doesn’t have to cost the earth either, there is a middle-ground for good web design. At kc web design Canterbury, we pride ourselves on our web design work. Personally, my background is in design. I started off in life as a photographer then did a post graduate in multimedia design then worked as a graphic designer for 5 years before starting to play with web design a few years before the .com bust years. In those days the web design company...[ read more ]

Big Green Book and Kent County Show

We’ve recently joined up with the Big Green Book, the small business environmental network, and we’ll be at the Kent County Show 2011 (Kent County Showground) in July. Kent County Show is Kent largest agricultural and farming show and it includes an eco village, garden areas and all sorts of other attractions. Its a great place to meet and great local Canterbury and Kent businesses. With Big Green Book we have the opportunity to go to the show and talk to local Kent businesses about web design, websites for local...[ read more ]

Web design discounts for local Canterbury businesses

For the next 2 months, starting in May, we’re offering discounts to local companies based around Canterbury for any web design projects over £3000. If you have a website design project and decide to work with us in May and June we’ll give you a 20% discount if you’re a local Canterbury or surrounding area business. You’ll need to have read this article and be able to quote us the discount code - KCMJD11 - on contracts being signed before the end of June. Once this is done kc web...[ read more ]

kc web design and Canterbury Geeks

Canterbury is a lovely town and being a website designer in Canterbury means being in a wonderful place to be creative. kc web design love being a web design company in Canterbury, theres no better place and its just about to get better! Another great reason to be a web designer or developer in Canterbury are the Canterbury Geek Nights. Oxford have had successful Geek nights for quite a few years now and Simon Mohr transferred the success of the Oxford nights over to Canterbury a few years ago. Sadly,...[ read more ]

kc website design Canterbury

kc web design ltd are a website design & development agency based near Canterbury, Kent. We create stylish, usable website designs and iPhone user interface designs. kc web design Canterbury have been working in the website design industry for over 15 years and recently re-located to rural Canterbury in Kent. As a small website design agency we have to work smart and work hard and this simple philosophy means we’ll deliver your project on time and on budget. As well as website design and development work we also do printed...[ read more ]

Why IFA’s should be interested in good web design

With daily internet usage in the UK increasing year on year by 22% your business needs a good online presence. With increasing activity in all sectors but especially in specific markets such as IFA’s, you could be loosing business if you don’t have an effective website and a good web design. An article on IFA Life explains further… According to a new White Paper published by Google, searches on financial related terms are growing consistently and increased 19% year on year in 2009, as users embraced the internet as a...[ read more ]

Appcelerator Titanium - A web designers perspective

Web design can encompass all sorts of different skills from different types of design to coding and development work. Building iOS apps seemed like a job for a proper developer until I came across Appcelerator Titanium. Appcelerator Titanium allows you to create iPhone, desktop and other mobile apps by using javascript. Doing web design means you learn quite a lot about javascript and frameworks like Jquery so using another framework based on javascript to create iOS apps seemed like a good way to go. I’ve always been interested in the...[ read more ]

Running PHP file with crontab on 1and1

Over the last few weeks I’ve tried everything to get a simple cron job test running on 1and1 dedicated linux hosting. Although the test PHP file would run fine in the browser and again run fine from a SSL command it just would not run from crontab. All I kept getting was a “Could not open input file:” error. I tried making sure the path to the php CLI/CGI/Executable was correct but that made no difference. I added #!/usr/bin/php to the top of the php file, still no joy. I...[ read more ]

The BBC website is down

Last night something strange happened and it had Twitter in a tiz for a good few hours. After a hard stressful day doing web design one of my wind-down rituals is a quick half hour comedy show on BBC radio on the iPlayer before bed. Last night though, there was no BBC website. The BBC website was down. News, iplayer, weather, in fact all BBC sites were gone and trying to load them only got a ‘server not found’ error. A quick search on google showed countless tweets reporting the...[ read more ]

Online advertising Worth Billions

The internet now accounts for a quarter of all advertising spending in the UK. The biggest growth area was display advertising on social networks, which grew by nearly 200%. Figures now show that UK internet users spend 25% of their time on social networks which advertisers are keen to tap into. The Facebook advertising network will soon be rivalling Googles Adsense and at the moment Facebook advertising is looking like the cheaper, more productive option. As Facebooks advertising network becomes available outside of Facebook the growth of this market place...[ read more ]

Expression Engine code snippets in posts

For any web designers that have sites powered by Expression Engine and want to show code snippets in posts then just wrap your code in the EE code tags like this (but remove the quotes)… “[ code ] Your snippet here [ /code ]” And your code will then show in the post all nicely formatted and syntax coloured like this… <script type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function() {   $("#quicklinks a[title]").tooltip({ position: "top center", offset: [18, 0]});});</script>

Multiple versions of JQuery in one page

Using jQuery.noConflict, you can make multiple versions of jQuery coexist on the same page, all you need to do is declare the Jquery variable for that version like this… <script src='jquery-1.3.2.js'></script><script>var $jq132 = jQuery.noConflict();</script><script src='jquery-1.4.2.js'></script><script>var $jq142 = jQuery.noConflict();</script> And then replace in your Jquery code like this… window.onload = function () {            var container = $jq142('div.sliderGallery'); Simple!

Microsoft launches IE9 web browser

Microsoft has launched the finished version of its Internet Explorer 9 web browser. A browser that will hopefully get Internet Explorer back in line with the other progressive, modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. As a web designers browser can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Any of the top modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera are a joy to develop websites for but, for a long time now, Internet Explorer has been the most inconsistent, difficult and rebellious browser...[ read more ]

What makes a good website?

Here we outline the main fundamental parts of any web design or development project that help create a successful website design. These 6 main areas are: Usability Usability is a well recognised part of web design with many champions such as Steve Krug and Jacob Nielsen. Sites with bad usability suffer from poor traffic and users will have problems completing simple calls to action. Good usability means a user can complete their goal in the most logical, easy way possible with no confusion. Accessibility Web accessibility refers to making your...[ read more ]

Teuxdeux - A to-do app

We’ve been using Teuxdeux here at kc web design kent for a while now and we love it! Its simple, effective and in front of your eyes all day as part of your browser. It makes writing simple to-do lists effortless and completing those tasks a joy. While using Teuxdeux in your browser window is almost pure Nirvana, there is a better way. We’ve moved over to using Fluid app to create a stand-alone version of Teuxdeux that sits in the Mac dock as its own app. Fluid app -...[ read more ]

A move away from Flash

There’s been a lot in the news recently about Apple and Adobe and the less than friendly reaction to Flash support on iOS devices. But how does it effect web design? Flash usage may have been effected by Apples decision not to support it on iOS but Flash will never die. Like any technology, it has it’s uses and it works for the right application. We tend to use flash for animating feature areas on home pages or creating highly interactive widgets, both of which Flash is perfect for. But,...[ read more ]

Working with kc web design Kent

Make sure you have enough time for your project Make sure you have enough time. Wanting your website finished in a week isn’t going to help with the web design process so make sure you allow enough time for scoping the project, talking to your web designer, going through design revisions, testing and refining. Good web design takes time so make sure you have plenty of it for the project ahead. Essential feedback After the initial brief we’ll work very closely with you to make sure we’ve covered all your...[ read more ]

kc web design and another Kent business

We’re very pleased to be working with another kent based business - OffersTheBest.com - on their new website venture. We’ve taken over development and web design duties on OffersTheBest.com and hope to push the project forward over the next few months and create a successful website. The website design will evolve as we add new features and continue to grow the business while working very closely with OffersTheBest to achieve their business goals. Working on web design with local Kent businesses is what we do best and we love getting...[ read more ]