SEO case study

Its not all about web design here at kc web design ltd. We do lots of development work, iphone user interface design, create our own products and do SEO. After recently giving the kc web design website a bit of a re-design and face-lift we decided it was about time we did some advanced SEO work to improve our page rankings for some of our wider search terms. Armed with some Google tools, a notepad, plenty of coffee and a huge amount of help from our SEO partner - Progress...[ read more ]

Easy as 1,2,3

Web design isn’t just about your site looking good. Good web design also includes usability considerations, information architecture and content flow, call-to-action points and SEO. Within a good website design, SEO is only one third of the issue. Making sure your website is designed correctly to capture and guide that traffic is key to converting casual browsers into new customers. Making sure your website is ready to capture these new users can be tricky but these 3 simple points will help you consider what your website should be doing and...[ read more ]

Green web design

Technology doesn’t have to burn endless amounts of electricity. Your website design may be hi-tech but did you know your website could be run on solar or wind power. At kc web design we host our clients sites on lots of different platforms and we have a few preferred hosting partners. We use MediaTemple for Notebox, our own hosting partner for most of our clients websites and we host the kc web design website with AISO which means this very website is being powered by the sun and the wind...[ read more ]

Evolve, don’t reinvent

Most large organisations tend to redesign their websites every 2/3 years these days to keep them up-to-date with technology and the latest trends but theres no reason to completely throw out your old web design. If you’ve spent a lot of money on web design you’ll know that a lot of work goes into creating the right site for your business and your customers so why throw that away and redesign from scratch. Look at what you already have and analyse your current site. Instead of a new web design...[ read more ]

Know your users

If you’re thinking about a new website design then stop and think about your users first. Having a good looking, well designed website is all very well and good but if your website doesn’t en-power your users and enable them to achieve their goals then it’s not really doing its job. Putting yourself in the shoes of your users is very important, it allows you to get a feel for the tasks they might carry out on your site, lets you understand why they might be on your site and...[ read more ]

Apple App Store guidelines

This is good news for iphone and ipad developers globally and will make the application of apps and updates to the Apple Store much easier and hopefully speed up what can be a bit of a slow process. With Apple making their submission guidelines public the process for submitting apps to the store should get better and open up an easier route for developers to design apps across different platforms. Many of the iphone and ipad apps we design and develop are web based and so don’t go through the...[ read more ]

Google Instant live searches

Google has always had a very simple interface, it’s been it’s most noticeable feature ever since it began and it’s what makes it such a joy to use. All a user wants to do when they go to Google is to search for something, so all Google displays is one search box and a search button. Simple. It’s an over simplified example, but this does demonstrate the key to almost all good web design and interface design. Simplicity. It’s what’s called the ‘KISS’ method - Keep It Simple Stupid -...[ read more ]

Notebox launch coming soon

Its been hard work but Notebox - our web design feedback app - is nearly ready for launch. In the coming weeks we’ll be giving Notebox a real push in the media and letting our little baby loose. Notebox has been developed to help website designers in the concept stage of web design get feedback from their clients. We’ve been in beta for a few months while we make changes and add new features. We now have over 300 beta users and without their help we wouldn’t have got this...[ read more ]

The power of good web design

Its a simple idea - answer a question and 10 grains of rice will be donated. 10 grains of rice doesn’t sound much but multiple that by tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of users and that starts to add up to quite a lot of rice. The BBC has a good article on the site here if you want more info. Having a good website with good web design is only half of the story - you need to get users to your website. Without the many users...[ read more ]

How to choose a website designer?

We understand how hard it is to choose a website designer or web design company. If you search on Google there are literally thousands and thousands of companies and website designers listed. Choosing a good website designer can be tricky - a badly designed web site could cost you a lot of money, drive away users or have a negative effect on your reputation. Look for a website designer or web design company that has a good website themselves and have a good look through the other websites they’ve created....[ read more ]

What is good web design?

Good web design is key to a successful website. In todays fast moving online marketplace - and with attention spans becoming increasingly minimal - you have a very small window to convince new users that your website is the one they should use. With less than 5 seconds to project that image of professionalism and insure that your new user has the confidence in your company that will make them decide on you and only you, the way your website looks is very, very important. The best way to achieve...[ read more ]

Web design - Does my business need a new website?

Did you know that your website can be made to work very hard for your business. It can bring in new business. It can help with customer support. It can sell things for you and keep track of order processing. It can be a community tool helping your users or simply an online brochure. Just bringing the website design up-to-date and defining some clear goals and call-to-action points can make a huge difference. Adding news/blog style articles can help with SEO and keep the site fresh and clean. Using a...[ read more ]

Notebox - Design feedback

Notebox is our very own web app. We created Notebox from an in-house system we’d been using and felt it would be useful for other designers. Notebox allows designers to upload designs, send a link to their clients and get their clients to leave notes directly on the design for feedback. So far Notebox has been a huge success and we’re hoping to see it build over the coming months. Notebox - a design and concept feedback app/tool - was created to help designers get client feedback ‘on’ their designs...[ read more ]

iphone/ipad apps

We now design and create iphone and ipad applications. From iphone user interface design right through to the finished application, we have the team to create your award winning iphone app. How do you make your iPhone App stand out amongst hundreds of thousands of other apps? Get us to design the graphics and user interface, thats how.

klover - asp/cms

klover is an ASP/MSSQL (and will also be available in PHP/MySQL) content management system designed by web designers, for web designers. Hopefully klover will enter beta testing in the text few weeks and be launched in the new year. More info will be available on the klover website soon. If you have a web app project then contact kc web design, Canterbury now!

Reuse, recycle, redesign! Update your website and boost your business

Your website has the potential to be great! It might just need a new look or the structure changing or even just a few ‘calls to action’ on key pages. Small things can make a difference and in these times of media panic about the state of the economy there are plenty of small things you can change that will make your website work harder. Just ask yourself these simple questions: * Is my website visually appealing and cleanly designed? * Does it contain engaging copy for my target audience?...[ read more ]

Pear Tree Studios

After many months of logistics planning, sleepless nights, box juggling and swearing we have finally settled in our new location…Canterbury, in the garden of England. Along with the new house we bought some land which includes a wonderful Pear orchard. Planning is going ahead for our new eco-friendly (and solar powered from next year) office next to our pond near the orchard. Hopefully, in late October, Pear Tree Studios will be fully insulated and operational ready for the winter.


k:c design will be working closely with BAFTS to improve their websites for suppliers of fair trade products in the UK. BAFTS will be re-branded and the website improved over the next few months. The British Association for Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) is a network of independent fair trade shops across the UK. We promote fair trade retailing in the UK, seek to raise the profile of fair trade on the High Street and provide a point of contact and communication for the exchange of ideas amongst our members.

It’s going to be Eazzee!

We’ll be working very closely with the guys at Eazzee helping them create an online business. We’ll be more than just a design company, we’ll be involved in every aspect of their online business and we have some great ideas for the future. We’ve recently got the second stage of the main site up and running and we’re continuing to make improvement’s and add functionality. Next on the list is a major addition to aid Eazzee customers in creating and owning their own Eazzee style shop! Eazzee was established to...[ read more ]

Solar powered website

With the launch of the new site and brand we’ve taken a big step - to try and be a greener, eco-friendly web design business. First on our list was hosting and we’ve come up trumps with AISO. This website is now hosted on a server completely powered by natural energy. Of course, just having a eco-friendly website doesn’t make us a green business, but its a good start and in conjunction with other practices we’re putting in place should all help to take us down the road to having...[ read more ]