Expression Engine plugins for web designers

At kc web design Kent we build a lot of Wordpress websites. Recently we've been doing a lot of Wordpress website design and a lot of UI/UX design but haven't done an Expression Engine websites design in a while. In my previous post I spoke about the fantastic Updater plugin for adding automated updates to Expression Engine. In this post I'm going to talk about the plugins and modules we use at kc web design kent when we build an Expression Engine web design project. So, here's the basic list then a...[ read more ]

Web design Kent tools – Updater for Expression Engine

At kc web design Kent we use Wordpress and Expression Engine to build most of our websites. They're both fantastic content management systems but very different. After doing a lot of Wordpress website design recently it's been nice to get back into Expression Engine. One of the things that Wordpress does extremely well is updating. Whether it's a plugin or the core itself, updating is fully automated and can be done with the click of a button in most cases. Unfortunately this is where Expression Engine is lacking some what....[ read more ]

Web design – Tuning Photoshop CS6 performance

For any web design professional that uses Photoshop CS6 every day while designing websites. A great resource for fine tuning Photoshop CS6 for peak performance. An invaluable resource for all web designers. We tried some of these tweaks at kc web design Kent and it did make a difference so well worth a look.

Web design and designing in the browser

As the way we design websites at kc web design kent changes and responsive design becomes the normal way to build websites then so do the tools and processes we use. On a recent responsive web design project we decided to work in a different way and leave design until last. The process we used was client and business goal exploration, wire framing, prototyping responsive layouts in the browser using Zurb Foundation and then applying the design elements. The beauty of working this way is that all the goals, call-to-action...[ read more ]

WordPress themes for web designers

As we get ready for the launch of KC Themes at kc web design kent I thought it might be the right time to talk about why we've created KC Themes - Wordpress themes for web designers. At kc web design kent we create a lot of Wordpress sites for many, many different types of businesses and even personal sites. We've created blogs for Fujitsu, e-commerce websites, large corporate sites and more and they all have one thing in common - We have to create unique themes and they're mostly responsive these...[ read more ]

WordPress ecommerce web design

Many moons ago at kc web design kent we used to create large, bespoke e-commerce systems. kc web design kent created bespoke e-commerce systems like this because there weren't that many good off-the-shelf e-commerce systems out there that could do the job. 10 years later and there are lots of great e-commerce systems such as Lemonstand, Magento and the subscription based services such as Shopify and Big Commerce. Although these systems are fantastic and each have their own pros and cons, today I'm going to concentrate on Wordpress ecommerce plugins....[ read more ]

Using web design frameworks & bootstraps

At kc web design Kent we use website design frameworks and bootstraps a lot. Web design frameworks are a great way to prototype in the browser very quickly and build interactive wireframes that look great and work well in the browser. Most web design frameworks are now responsive which can help take the pain out of building responsive website design from scratch. Lots of website design frameworks and bootstraps have appeared over the last few years but the main two are Zurb's Foundation and Twitters Bootstrap. Both of these web...[ read more ]

Website design in Ashford, Kent

kc web design Kent have been established in Canterbury for over 4 years now and we continue to serve companies in Canterbury, Thanet, Ashford, Maidstone, Ramsgate, Dover and all of the South East and London. kc web design Kent work with companies all over Kent and especially for website design in Ashford and the rest of the UK as well as some global companies such as Fujitsu and The Toll Group. As the web design industry continues to grow and physical boundaries become less important we're finding that more and more work...[ read more ]

WordPress themes for web designers

At kc web design Kent we use Wordpress a lot. We use Wordpress for simple web design projects, e-commerce web design projects and even large business website design projects. It's flexible, easy to theme and great to work with the guts of it and the admin interface is easy to customise and for our clients to learn. This is why 20% of the internets' websites are now powered by Wordpress - that's millions of website designs all using the same system! As web designers at kc web design Kent we...[ read more ]

kc web design Kent and the Google search roller-coaster

It seems like every few weeks now our Google search rankings for kc web design Kent take quite a large dip. Another Google algorithm update or just bad SEO? I'm beginning to think its the former. We don't really change our SEO model that much, we try to write good content, don't try and get bad back links or any other back-handed methods and we make sure we stick to all the guidelines. But when Google make a major change to the searches we do seem to dip quite a...[ read more ]

$_get not working with WordPress custom permalinks

Many hours have been spent today at kc web design Kent pulling hair and banging heads over a very frustrating Wordpress problem. $_get requests to retrieve simple query string variables from a Wordpress URL just wouldn't work. We tried everything and spent hours trying to add functions to deal with custom variables, check PHP configs and test theme templates all with no luck. Whatever we tried just did not work. So, for everyone out there having the same issues (and we saw a lot of you!) here is the stupidly...[ read more ]

Responsive web design – The difficulties

Responsive web design seems to be the holy grail of the web design industry and the moment but it's not all plain sailing. Responsive web design can present a whole new array of issues and problems for the novice (and advanced!) web designer and isn't necessarily the easy way to device independent web design nirvana. What is responsive web design? Responsive web design (RWD) is when we build a website for our clients that will be viewable on all devices from mobile to desktop without having to provide a separate...[ read more ]

VirtualBox VM’s for IE testing

When we build websites at kc web design Kent we always have to test in all browsers. The main progressive browsers are normally the easiest but testing in multiple versions of IE can be tricky. We've previously used all sorts of different methods from the paid browser testing online services to stand-alone IE instances and virtual machines. Virtual machines are always the better option as you can continually refresh the browser while you're working on your web design but they can be very difficult to setup. kc web design Kent...[ read more ]

Adobe Edge Tools & Services

Adobe has announced a new set of tools for website designers and developers called Adobe Edge. We use Adobe Creative Cloud here at kc web design Kent so it's always nice to get hold of some new website design apps. The new suite of web design and development apps is aimed purely at web designers and focus on specific web design tasks such as coding, creating CSS3 animations, serving web fonts and responsive web design. The full suite of apps in the new Adobe Edge range of tools for web...[ read more ]

Website design in Thanet

kc web design ltd have been a website design company in Kent for just over 4 years now. Our web design studio is based near Canterbury in Kent and we work in a lovely, tranquil part of the country side perfect for website design in Thanet that aides our creativity and generates a fantastic working environment. We feel very lucky to be working in this part of the country and being able to do website design in Thanet and the North Kent coast. Anyone outside of Kent might not have heard of...[ read more ]

kc web design Kent software review – Pixa

I might start doing more product and software reviews. There's a lot of good stuff out there for OSX and at kc web design Kent we're always looking out for new apps to make our web design life easier. The latest gem to get installed on the Macs here at kc web design Kent is Pixa - An image library manager. We've used Littlesnapper a lot in the past which does a great job or organising images that you add to Littlesnapper. We tend to use it more for surfing inspiration...[ read more ]

kc web design Kent – iPhone app design tools

In the last part of this series - kc web design Kent tools for web design – mobile testing - we talked about mobile testing and responsive web design tools. In this article I'm going to talk about one iPad app..App Cooker. App Cooker is an iPad app fir designing and wire-framing your iOS app. Sketching out a web design or iPhone app design on paper is always a good place to start but soon you'll need to start really planning and working on the UI of your web design project...[ read more ]

The new Apple iPhone 5

And so we have a brand new Apple iPhone 5. As usual it looks great, has a bigger 4" screen (height, not width), a new camera that takes panoramic photos, is twice as fast as the 4s, lighter and thinner. No new feature that makes everyone go wow! but a good, solid upgrade of everything that makes the iPhone great. There is one thing though that will have an impact on web design or UI designers creating apps for iOS as we do here at kc web design Kent. That...[ read more ]

kc web design Kent and the iPhone 5? It’s that time again!

It's that time of the year again when Apple roll out another version of some hot new hardware and software. They seem to come round quick, these September releases, and the internet has been full of rumours of the iPhone 5 coming on 12th September. But what will the iPhone 5 be like? The 4s wasn't much of a change physically from what came before but there were a lot of additions on the OS side. So, maybe now, a year later, it is time to see a brand new...[ read more ]

Sweden tops new web index

According to the BBC, Sweden tops the new Tim Berners-Lee Web Index with the UK coming 3rd in the table. The Web Index, as stated on their website is "...a unique annual ranking of countries on the progress and social utility of the Web. Combining over 80 indicators to evaluate access, affordability, institutional and policy environment and social and economic utility, it will provide an evidence-based tool for national and regional advocacy, intervention, and strategy to strengthen the Web. The 2012 Web Index was published on September 5, 2012.". The new Web Index shows...[ read more ]