Another Dribbble invite giveaway for 1 lucky web designer

Hold onto your web design hats! kc web design Kent has another Dribbble invite to giveaway to 1 lucky web designer! Are you a talented web designer with a fantastic web design portfolio? You are! Then follow the instructions below to enter. I’d like to see work from top class web designers and if you’re local to Canterbury or in Kent then even better (but not absolutely necessary). Step 1 Give me some Twitter love and spread the word. Just tweet the following…”@Dribbble invite giveaway for 1 lucky web designer...[ read more ]

Web design and GIT/SVN repo’s

Web design Kent professionals using GIT or SVN terminal commands sounds like a recipe for disaster! While using SVN I've definitely been at disaster level a few times recently. I haven't had the opportunity to use GIT or SVN extensively in the past but 2 new projects where I'm working in large collaborative groups of web design pro's or where we're using SVN as a repo to push out changes to multiple websites have meant I've been using these version control systems a lot recently. At kc web design kent...[ read more ]

web design Kent – Responsive navigation

With responsive web design being used a lot, one of the challenges is what to do with the main navigation on mobile devices. At kc web design Kent we build a lot of responsive websites and the issue of navigation on mobile devices comes up a lot. With the mobile market growing rapidly and more and more website designs being tailored to handheld devices it no wonder that new usability issues are cropping up. Mobiles require a different approach to tackle the limited screen real-estate so the websites kc web...[ read more ]

Web design kent – SEO keyword battles

Web design kent is one of my main keywords and I've been aiming to get up the rankings for 'web design kent' for a while now. SEO feels like a constant battle sometimes. Luckily I have a great friend how is also a fantastic SEO genius who showers me with useful info on how to improve my SEO for kc web design Kent. Over the past 12 months I've changed the website design completely and revamped how the news section works. I've changed from Expression Engine to Wordpress which meant...[ read more ]

Web design and the free work pitch

Doing free web design work for a pitch is a very hot topic in the web design world and something I feel quite strongly about. I was recently part of a pitching process for some UI/UX work and got down to the final two. Early on in the process I was asked if I would be prepared to show some initial ideas as part of the pitch but I declined. Why? Because I don't feel that any work carried out for free is good work and the knowledge of whats...[ read more ]

Web design Kent and the new Apple iPad 3 Retina display

We love doing web design for Apple devices here at kc web design Kent. It felt like the rumours were circulating for months but on Wednesday it was finally announced - The new Apple iPad with retina display. Again, Apple has 'revolutionised' the tablet market by bringing high definition displays to a device barely bigger than a book. Videos, photos, games will all no look fantastic and for a device thats mainly used for consuming media its the perfect way forward. But what does this mean for your existing, old...[ read more ]

Trading Eye/Dpivision

I never like it when good web design application companies disappear. I've used Trading Eye e-commerce software on lots of websites over the past few years. Yes, it had its problems but it was and still is a great platform for building e-commerce websites and from a great UK company. Unfortunately, on 14th Feb 2012 one of my clients received an email informing them that Dpivision was no longer in business but had been taken over by an interested group. Dpivision also had another web app called Canybill that the...[ read more ]

Responsive Summit – web design community discussions

Working as a web designer in Kent means working in a very large, proactive, sometimes volatile but amazingly rewarding community. Last week some of the top web designers in the industry got together to discuss responsive web design and how the way forward should be tackled. This gathering of interested and proactive web designers met with some very unfriendly remarks on Twitter but all I can see they were trying to do was good. Good for the web design community and good for the web design industry as a whole....[ read more ]

Web design frameworks

At kc web design Kent we build all sorts of different websites from responsive website design to mobile only and full UI/UX. We've built our own internal web design frameworks that we use as starting points on our web design projects but there are also some very good web design frameworks already out there. We recently redesigned and rebuilt the kc web design Kent website and part of the process of making it responsive was to use a responsive framework. These are the ones we evaluated. Zurb Foundation Web Design...[ read more ]

What is big data and how does it fit into UI web design

Big Data - what is big data and how does it fit into web design? For me, the best example of dealing with big data in a clean, concise and visually pleasing way has to be Google. And searching is really the only way to access big data successfully. Browsing alone isn't really an option with such huge amounts of data. A good search with auto-suggest, excludable filters, clickable meta data, tags, tabbed filters, faceted category navigation with numbered filters and sortable fields will all make finding information easy. Displaying...[ read more ]

Your web design look & feel – is it important?

We previously talked about the planning stage of a web design project and what goes into creating and planning a good website design. The next stage of that process is the design - how it looks and how it works. At kc web design kent we specialise in creating unique designs and this part of the project is very important as it deals with your brand and how your brand is perceived online. In the first stage we should have already worked out exactly what the website needs to do...[ read more ]

How we create a unique web design

Creating a unique website design for your project is key to its success and is what we pride ourselves in here at kc web design, Kent. We go through a flexible web design process that starts with us talking to you about your business needs and goals for the website. If its a complete redesign and build then we'll look at the goals of the website design and work out what appropriate technologies should be used and which build techniques we might implement such as responsive web design, fluid or fixed, mobile up, content...[ read more ]

Mobile web design Kent

Mobile website design, responsive website design, smartphone web design Kent, you hear these terms banded around a lot in the web design industry at the moment. Our clients are also starting to use these terms when talking about new web design projects but what exactly do they mean? Everybody wants a 'mobile' website these days, and with good reason, the sales of smartphones have just beaten the sales of desktop PC's and the trend is set to continue that way for the foreseeable future. Mobile is the new medium that...[ read more ]

Why use responsive web design?

We made a decision to redesign our website because it needed updating, it needed refocusing and a bit of a design freshen up but, we also wanted to showcase responsive web design on our own website. At kc web design kent, we try to stay at the forefront of modern web design trends and technologies and responsive web design is one of the most exciting technologies/methodologies to happen in the web design industry for a long while. So from a web design studio perspective its all very exciting playing around...[ read more ]

htaccess ExpressionEngine redirects

The transition from Expression Engine to Wordpress for our kc web design kent website was a lot less painful that I originally thought it might be. Transferring the old pages and posts from EE to Wordpress was a breeze thanks to this article. But, when it came to redirecting the old posts and pages to the new site posts and pages, well, that was a very follicle reducing experience! No normal htaccess redirects would work with the EE URL layout. Specifically, the ? contained in all EE URLS (if you...[ read more ]

New kc web design kent responsive website design

Its taken us a while but we have managed to completely redesign the kc web design kent website, from scratch! We used to run the old site on an old version of Expression Engine and the site had gone through many changes over the years but still used EE as its foundation. We love EE at kc web design Kent and use it on lots of our clients websites but we wanted to do something unique and fresh with the new site and the old version of EE just wasn't...[ read more ]

Web designer? Then watch this…

This talk by Wilson Miner at Build this year is outstanding. If you’re a web designer, UI designer or have anything at all to do with design or developing for screen then you HAVE to watch this talk. Its emotional, poignant, interesting and funny and will be the best 38 mins you’ll spend all week. It puts into perspective the thing we do every day, the jobs we work hard at and the every changing digital world we live in and it does it in a mesmerising way that makes...[ read more ]

Does BT Business Broadband work for a web design studio?

In short, no. Although at kc web design, Kent we have been with BT business broadband for 3 years now it’s only recently that we’ve had problems. As a business, and more importantly a web design business, accessing the internet is crucial to the daily running of the business. Without an internet connection I wouldn’t be able to do my job. BT business broadband do a good job of supplying access to the internet and we get pretty good speeds which is handy for a web design studio. Where BT...[ read more ]

Deltr - a web app for harsh economic times

For a while now here at kc web design, Kent, we’ve been working on a new web app. Deltr. It’ll launch some time next year in an economy that isn’t at it’s best. Why launch a web app in these hard economic times? Well, Deltr is all about making money, and making money in a way that can easily supplement already stretched wages. It’s a way of generating extra revenue for anyone that can write about the things they do, the things they know and it doesn’t cost that person...[ read more ]

50% of web design projects don’t consider mobile

In a survey by Design Shack, almost 50% of web design companies didn’t consider mobile users when building websites. Mobile users now account for over 15% of all UK web traffic so mobile websites should be considered in every web design project. David Appleyard of Design Shack said: “The volume of traffic accessing websites using mobile phones is only going to rise for the foreseeable future. Web designers need to start adding mobile usability to their list of services quickly, and those who fail to adapt to these changes risk...[ read more ]