Simplisys service desk website design

Simplisys service desk is a state of the art service desk and help desk management tool designed for all types of businesses. Simplisys service desk started out in life as a product called Citrus – which we helped brand and do web design for – but earlier this year Simplisys restructured their company, redesigned their service desk application and relaunched as Simplisys Service Desk. KC Web Design were involved in the redesign at an early stage and helped Simplisys with the new service desk application as well as talking to them about the new brand direction.


What we did

KC Web Design created a brand new logo and identity for the new Simplisys Service Desk application that would integrate with all the different types of media needed to fit around a full service product. We also designed and built a brand new website ready to be launched alongside the new product that would feel more professional and help Simplisys enter new markets.

How it helped

The new brand and identity for Simplisys Service Desk was created to give the product a more professional feel and allow Simplisys to target different market sectors. The colours, style of logo and look and feel of the application where all carefully designed to enhance the product and raise it’s profile within a competitive industry. The branding and new website design were key to the new product launch and have elevated the profile of the product, and Simplisys as a company, allowing them to target different industry sectors and promote the application to a wider range of customers. Our design consultancy also helped Simplisys build the brand new version of their application while keeping design goals in mind.

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