St Andrews Healthcare Website Design

kc web design kent, in partnership with Hydrant Ltd, have been working with St Andrews Healthcare – the UK’s leading charity providing specialist NHS mental healthcare – for the last 9 months to create a brand new responsive website. kc web design kent were brought in to provide the website & UI design and front-end coding while Hydrant managed the project along with the Drupal development. The joint project has taken many hours working along side a large group of staff from St Andrews to design and build a flexible website for a very large organisation that would be accessible to all users, no matter what mental health or disability.


Important considerations in the websites design

The accessibility of the site was of prime concern as the target audience could be from all types of groups including patients and their families. The new website adheres to all AA and AAA guidelines on accessible website design where appropriate. The responsive website design means the site is viewable on all mobile devices as well as some older browsers such as IE8 as this browser is still used in many NHS organisations.

How the design helped St Andrews

The design of the site was kept minimal so that content is easy to find and digest. A large proportion of the project was spent with St Andrews staff researching the types of users that would come to the site and how they would need to interact with different types of content. The website was designed to cater for a large user base that would include patients with learning difficulties and their families, NHS staff, doctors and research and learning professionals.

Large amounts of key information are now easier to find and the new site has become more of a hub for patients and staff. Easy access to information has meant a reduction in phone support times and more engagement with patients and their families.

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