A long time ago we did a website for David Hicks of Really Good/Soul fame (I used to work with David as a card designer years ago) for his photography hobby. Now, much more than a hobby, David travels the world taking photos of all kinds of people and places. Over the years the galleries have built up and David adds new galleries almost every month so the old site was in need of a revamp. We originally used Adobe Contribute as the CMS but this was now too slow and cumbersome for the way David worked and how often he needed to add new galleries.

I’ve travelled to over 60 countries to date, and in some ways I see myself as helping to record and interpret the planet at this point in it’s history. I like to experience this world with it’s different cultures and interact with it’s people. I like to eat what the locals eat (within reason) and watch how they work, rest and play. I don’t see my work as just travel photography but as documentary, portraiture and reportage.

With the new website design we chose to use WordPress as the CMS to allow David very easy uploads of new galleries, no matter where he was in the world. He could even do it from his iPhone or iPad. Again, the focus was on the photos so the site is very minimal, but bold, and the photos and galleries dominate the layout.

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