New Eazzee web design

The new updated version of the website has been completely redesigned to focus the website more on products. Our brief was to re-focus the site with a new web design to improve customer confidence and ease of ordering while adding new features and streamlining the buying process.

With an improved basket facility and options to order without registering, the new site was designed to be bolder, less cluttered and easier for customers to order. Some of the major new features we’ve added in this update – as well as a complete over-haul of the look and feel – are:

  • Improved basket security and customer confidence features
  • New ‘my account’ feature to allow order history and previous artwork history & to show most bought products
  • Easier ordering options for logged in users with access to advanced features to make repeat ordering easier
  • Improved product display – price matrix and product details layout now easier
  • Improved delivery calculations and euro pricing
  • Improved ordering process and can now order without registering
  • iPad/iPhone ready

As well as the main site web design project we also re-built the Eazzee web shops system that allows Eazzee customers to have their own e-commerce shop selling Eazzee products. This system is mainly aimed at clubs and organisations that want to sell embroidered or printed products to their members directly from Eazzee and make money from it.

  • Webshops – new design and admin system
  • Easier management and customisation
  • More options for clubs and organisatons such as ‘collect from club’

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Paul Ledbrook

If you have a new project or existing website that needs improvement, email us or call 0845 3631162 , we’d love to hear from you.

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