kc web design created Notebox – a design and concept feedback app/tool – to help designers get client feedback on their designs and concepts in a simple, client-friendly way.

Back in March we had an idea. By July we had a working product. By September it had been in private beta with a select group of testers for a few months. Finally, last month, we launched…quietly!

We have big plans for Notebox next year but for now we wanted to grow slowly but surely making sure we had the infrastructure to support all new users and keep adding new features and adapting the service. We’re already over 400 users with new ones signing up every day. So far, Notebox has been a success but we have a long way to go yet and we’re hoping that 2011 will be the year of great things.

Do you have a web app idea or a web service that needs UI design or web design? We have a wealth of experience when it comes to web apps and creating SaaS applications so give kc web design in Kent a call. We CAN make your web app a success.

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