An e-commerce website that’s feature rich, easy-to-use and doesn’t cost the earth?

To compliment our high-end bespoke e-commerce solutions we are now offering an entry/mid-level package for our clients that want to get serious about selling their products online.

We provide one of the most advanced, and accessible e-commerce shopping systems in its class. It features a powerful online Content Management System (CMS), enabling you to update your shop from anywhere. Your new e-commerce site will be built using web standards, enabling your shop to achieve better search engine rankings with pages also loading faster than with non compliant software.

This fantastic system, including all the features below, starts from only £2,500 (plus monthly hosting costs of £10 – £30). The basic system includes Paypal as the payment gateway but other systems such as Worldpay or Protx/Sagepay can be integrated at an additional cost.

Key features and benefits


• UK DDA aware
• Section 508 aware

Payment Methods

• Credit/Debit cards
• Credit/Debit cards over the phone
• EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
• COD (Cash on delivery)
• Cheque

Payment Gateways

• Sagepay
• VeriSign PayFlow Pro
• Authorize.Net
• PayPal
• WorldPay
• SECpay
• Barclays

Postage & Packing

• Postage by weight
• All orders have free postage
• One rate for all orders
• Postage based on percentage of total sale
• Postage charged on a per item basis
• Set special codes to use on products
• Postage charge based on range of total order
• Setup special rates which users can select before checkout
• Create tracking numbers
• Notify customers of shipping

Shopping Promotions

• Membership points
• Discount codes
• Gift certificates
• Gift wrapping
• Site promotions
• Sale items
• Volume discounts

Product Pages

• Downloadable products
• Automated image re-sizing & compression
• Standard options
• Custom options
• Manufacturer association
• Attach (cross sell) products & articles
• Powerful search engine
• Postage & packing estimates
• Customer reviews
• Product Enquiry Form
• Wish List
• Stock control
• Backorder splitting
• Complete/Incomplete orders
• Number of products per page
• Create product packages
• Create product lists

Whether you are launching a new business, are an off-line company looking to sell online or an existing e-commerce company requiring an update – we can help. Contact us now for more information and a chat about how we can help your business get serious about selling online.

Paul Ledbrook

If you have a new project or existing website that needs improvement, email us or call 0845 3631162 , we’d love to hear from you.

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