Reading the articles on kc web design Kent you’d get the impression that we’re a small design studio – which we are – but more and more these days I’m doing pure freelance design jobs on user interfaces and getting involved in bigger long term projects. As a freelance web designer in Kent and the owner of kc web design Kent it’s important to let prospective clients know what we do and how we do it. At kc web design Kent we do a lot of small bespoke web design projects that need coders and designers but these days it seems that freelance web designer jobs are becoming more common. So, kc web design Kent isn’t just a small web design studio, it’s also me doing a lot of freelance web design work and this is becoming increasing important to the business and to my clients. Being able to take on long term freelance web design projects and be a freelance web designer in Kent is a great way to work and has allowed kc web design kent to focus on what we do best – creating beautifully designed and crafted websites.

One of the things I wanted to do with the kc web design kent website over the next few months was to make it less studio based and more freelance web designer based so that prospective clients know exactly what we can offer in terms of skills and bookings. Although the small bespoke web design and coding projects will stay, I see more of the larger freelance web designer projects coming in over the next 12 months and this will change the way we work a little at kc web design Kent and I want to reflect that more in the overall essence of how we portray ourselves and in particular myself. As a freelance web designer in Kent I think it’s important to be known as yourself and for the work and skills you have as a person and not just a company. The work I do at kc web design kent and as a freelance web designer are equally important and from a work point of view exactly the same but I feel it’s important for new clients to be able to choose a great freelance web designer in Kent as well as work with a fantastic small web design studio.