When we moved 4 years ago with kc web design kent I thought this area might be a really cool place to work as a freelance website designer in kent. I was expecting lots of meet ups and gatherings and conferences but sadly there hasn’t been much of that at all.

A while ago I did try to help resurrect what looked like a great night called Canterbury Geeks (akin to the Oxford Geek Nights) but sadly this didn’t happen for one reason or another. Another interesting night, similar to Canterbury Geeks is Geekstable – a gathering of geeks in Whitstable. It sounds interesting but has been a bit sporadic this year so I haven’t managed to make it to any. Maybe next year, if it becomes a regular event, I’ll get to go one night. While doing a bit more research on this article I did come across Digibury which looks quite interesting and does seem to be regular with a good turn out. Digibury might be the one to try over the next few months. The guys at DecodeUK have started http://preparetoactivate.com this year which also looks like a great event so maybe another one to try in 2013. Being a freelance website designer in kent can be a lonely job sometimes so meet-ups like this can be an important part of networking and socialising for the lone web designer.

We need a website design conference in Kent?

As a website designer in kent it would be great to have some conferences that were closer. One of my big resolutions this past year was to get to a conference but I haven’t quite managed it yet. Having a great web design conference, even just a one day event, in Kent would be great. Somewhere you can get to within an hour or so and not have to travel all night to get to a conference for a 9am start. Maybe I’m just a bit lazy, or maybe it would be nice to see the web design community in Kent come together and create something special, in an amazing venue with some great speakers. There are some pretty high profile web design companies in kent so maybe someone will get something together. Maybe I will get something together and put on Kent’s first web design and development conference. Now there’s a thought…