A website can mean many things to many people and will need to achieve different goals for different business needs. It’s vitally important, when you first contact a web design company, that you have some kind of brief, even if that brief is just a few business goals you’d like to fulfil.

We get a lot of calls and emails from people that ask us one simple question – how much will it cost to build me a website? To fully understand the scope of this question let’s compare it to cars. Nobody would walk into a garage and just ask for a car, there are all sorts of considerations to take into account such as how big, how many seats, what colour, engine type, insurance group, MPG, cost, extras and whether you like the look of the modal. It’s the same with a website. There are so many parameters to think about when building a website; different features, colours, layout, CMS, SEO, etc so to really define what’s needed we have to think about the end goal, the type of car you’d like to see sitting on your drive and think about the exact job you want it to do.

The first step on the way to a good web design brief is to think about what business goals you want the website to achieve. Is it just to show basic info about the company or should it do more advanced tasks such as take bookings, sell products or bring in new business leads? Once these goals are specified we can start to look at the features of the site, whether you’ll need a CMS or payment gateway and this will allow us to see how the site will fit together. From these features we can give you a fairly good idea of how much a website will cost and also offer you other solutions on how you might achieve your goals and improve your online business.

We can also help you create your brief by getting you to fill out a simple questionnaire so if you would like a website but aren’t sure where to start then give us a call. We’ll talk you through what you need to do and send you our project starter guide to help you start creating your brief.