There’s been a lot in the news recently about Apple and Adobe and the less than friendly reaction to Flash support on iOS devices. But how does it effect web design?

Flash usage may have been effected by Apples decision not to support it on iOS but Flash will never die. Like any technology, it has it’s uses and it works for the right application. We tend to use flash for animating feature areas on home pages or creating highly interactive widgets, both of which Flash is perfect for. But, with more and more websites being viewed on the iPad we are finding that we’re drifting away from using flash when other, more iOS friendly, technologies will do the job.

For feature and promo widgets we now tend to use flat graphics with jquery transformations that will work on the iPad without any need to replicated or additional content purely for that device. It’s not because Flash can’t do the job or that it’s the wrong technology to use, it’s just that using an alternative technology that works across all platforms makes our job easier and has benefits for the user.

Maybe it shows the power Apple has in this marketplace or maybe it just shows how fashionable certain technologies can be or maybe it shows that it’s not really about the technology – most average users wouldn’t know the difference – it’s more about the content and how that’s seen by the user and how that integrates with good web design.