web design kentAt kc web design Kent we got very excited using the beta version of Photoshop CS6. We got even more excited when the new pricing structure was announced along with the Creative Cloud. Now that Adobe Creative Cloud has finally arrived we decided to take the plunge and go for the monthly subscription service.

What is Adobe Creative Cloud for web designers?

Adobe Creative Cloud is great for web design studios, freelance web designers and anyone involved in web design, graphic design, video production, etc. At kc web design Kent we do mostly web design work but some print as well and Adobe Creative Cloud works perfectly for us. So, what is Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud isn’t really a cloud software based system. The word ‘cloud’ is slightly misleading in this context but there is a cloud element in the online storage you get (20gb!). The software is downloaded and installed in a traditional way and you’re not accessing any of it in the cloud, its all on your computer. Adobe Creative Cloud gives you access to all, yes ALL, of Adobe’s software products for a monthly fee of £38 + VAT if you sign up to a 12 month contract. When you look at the software available its an incredible deal! For just Photoshop and Illustrator alone its worth the price but for all the apps you get, plus online storage, plus Typekit, plus some website hosting and all the new iOS apps…its a bargain no web design professional should miss!

At kc web design Kent we’ve been using it for a few days now and it is fantastic. We might have some print work coming up in the next few weeks which we can no just download and install inDesign for, no big purchase, no using outdated software, we just grab the latest version and get cracking. Genius!

Considering Adobe products are some of the most pirated software packages on the net I think Adobe have done the best thing they possible could – make their software affordable and easy to install. If have of the people out there using pirated Adobe products now switch to Adobe Creative Cloud then they’ll make a small fortune. Well done Adobe for some forward thinking…at last!