This is good news for iphone and ipad developers globally and will make the application of apps and updates to the Apple Store much easier and hopefully speed up what can be a bit of a slow process. With Apple making their submission guidelines public the process for submitting apps to the store should get better and open up an easier route for developers to design apps across different platforms.

Many of the iphone and ipad apps we design and develop are web based and so don’t go through the same procedure at the app store as a fully blown app would. Web based apps draw on most of their content from a website or web based database and so are easier to design and build and easier to launch outside of the app store.

iphone and ipad apps that utilise good web design to create web based applications that feel native are becoming more popular. If you have a website that might benefit from a web based iOS app then give us a call. As website designers and app developers we have the skills to create a web app that your users will love!