A new report by OnePoll has showed that 70% of consumers will not purchase goods or services from a company with a badly designed website. This highlights just how important good web design is to all businesses, large or small. If a consumer doesn’t have the confidence in your site – which they will get from how the site looks and works – then they will go to other websites that they feel are “better”.

With facts and figures coming out every week about how we use the web in the UK, it shows that websites are becoming the first point of contact for most users when they contact a company. This shows that website design and architecture are crucial for you website to succeed and attract the right kind of customer.

More and more consumers are purchasing online and with the help and exposure of companies like Amazon showing that their web experience is key to their brand perception, more companies should take note and follow in the footsteps of good web design.

A well-designed website that is engaging, relevant and easy to navigate is important to building customer relationships and absolutely crucial to converting casual browsers to sales. And with the mobile market place rocketing forward at a huge pace the lessons we’ve learnt designing websites should be used for grabbing a piece of the mobile web design market.

A leading travel company realised how competitive their market place was and made the decision to restructure their website in a bid to improve customer usability and make the design of tier website better and more functional. By making the website design easier to navigate and improving their design they increased their conversion rate by a huge 40%. This shows that Websites should be designed with the user/customer in mind.

Investing in website design, architecture and usability should be at the top of every companies online “to do” list. If designed well by the right web design company, a creative website design will help you stand out from the crowd and make a huge difference to your business.

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