One of my goals for this year was to get on Dribbble. For those that have never heard of it – and you probably won’t have unless you’re a designer – it’s an invite only community for designers that allows you to upload snippets of designs for feedback and back slapping from your peers.

I didn’t really have a proper reason for wanting to be apart of the web designer community on Dribbble but it seemed like a great place to mingle with other good designers and there was something compelling about the prestige of being a part of a closed community.

Getting an invite for Dribbble was a massive task and one that I completely underestimated. Invites do appear but the fight to get them is intense and there are a lot of good designers and web design professionals out there that also want to get on Dribbble. The best way I found to search for invite giveaways was to use Tweetdeck and set up some searches that look on Twitter for the search terms ‘dribbble invite’. As soon as a tweet pops up with a invite competition or giveaway you have to get in there fast and do whatever the competition asks for. This might be to show your best new bit of web design or complete a specific design task, whatever it is you have to compete with 100’s of other designers.

After a few weeks and about 6/7 tries I finally got an invite thanks to @rickss. Check him out on twitter and Dribble, he does some really nice web design work.

I’ve now been a part of the website design community on Dribbble now for a few months. Has it been what I’d expected? Actually, yes and a lot more. The community is great and you always get good feedback on your designs and theres a huge amount of inspiration from some of the best designers in the world. And, I do think it makes me work harder on my web design work. While I’m working on a website design I Dribbble small sections of it as I’m working. Because the community is so top class I want my designs to be liked and praised. Its slightly egotistical but it does make me design better and makes me think about the design more. Would this design fit in with the other top class designs on Dribbble? If I don’t think it will then I go back and work on the web design some more until I’m happy that its Dribbble worthy. My web design work has definitely benefited from this enforced peer pressure and the quality of web design work coming out of Pear Tree Studios has improved massively.

Dribbble has all sorts of benefits for the web designer but the fact that it can improve your design work in ways you never thought possible is a plus I’d never really thought of before. Thanks Dribbble, thanks for letting me be a part of such a great design community and for improving my web design work.

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