I don’t normally write about products on the kc web design Kent website but I recently bought the TwelveSouth BookBook iPhone case and just had to do a little review. Being a web designer at kc web design Kent I use my iPhone a lot, it’s with me every minute of every day so a good case is essential. As a web designer I’m always making notes and reminders, adding to-dos and contacts and taking photos. The BookBook case looked perfect and it doubles as a wallet, something that I thought would be useful as I’m always taking my wallet out of my back pocket when I sit for long periods at kc web design Kent.

The thing is, the BookBook case looks great but theres one major problem I could see…no hole for the camera. To take a photo you have to push the camera up out of the case. Not a big deal but one that I though could be a bit annoying after a while. And spending £50 on a case that wouldn’t allow me to take photos instantly would be silly to say the least. And so Ebay comes to the rescue. I managed to pick up a second hand case on Ebay for not very much and I have to say I was very impressed with it. The look and feel of the case is very well made, it feels good in the hand and the wallet works well but…still no hole for the camera and boy does it get annoying trying to push the phone up to take a photo. It also makes it very easy to miss a quick shot. As I’d only paid a small amount for the case I decided to use my web designer special powers and my stanley knife and do some surgery on it. After a good hour of making templates and making sure everything lined up I hacked and slashed and bingo! One perfect camera lens size hole.

I now have a perfect iPhone case WITH a hole for the camera. If the BookBook case had this hole built in then it would be the perfect case but my home made version is far better. Hopefully the next version of the case will have the camera hole but until then I’m sticking with my kc web design home made version!