web-design-kent-iphone-app-sketchesAt kc web design kent we mostly do website design, ecommerce web design, responsive web design and print & brand design. Designing an iPhone app is something many designers are aiming for and it’s a field of design that’s garnering a huge amount of interest of late. Designing an iPhone app seems like the ideal project. Designing the user interface on iPhone app seems like the best design job in the world and in a way it is but there’s a huge amount to learn, plan, read, and organise before you even get to the design stage.

Before you even put pen to paper the first thing you must do, without fail, is to read the Apple HIG (human interface guidelines). Without the knowledge from the HIG it would be impossible to design and wireframe an app and know the best way to achieve user goals and correct process flow. Apple knows, so listen and take note of what you can and can’t do with the iPhone UI. Your app may be refused from the apple store if you do not follow these guidelines.

Once you have a good understanding of what can and can’t be achieved with the platform and OS then you can move on to wire framing the app so you can see each screen and how they relate to each other. Find a template that you can use that will give you all the basic UI elements and quickly move them around to create a basic layout. I use illustrator for wire framing and thee are some good UI kits to download if you search on google. Use as many of the standard UI controls as you can – there no need to reinvent the wheel if its a simple app – and make sure the user can easily achieve their goals. A phone is a small space to work in and all those years designing websites, like we have done at kc web design kent, won’t offer much help at this stage.

Once the wireframes are done then it’s onto the design stage and creating the icon. I’ll talk about this in more detail in the next post.

If you have an iPhone app and need a UI designer then give kc web design kent a call.