In short, no. Although at kc web design, Kent we have been with BT business broadband for 3 years now it’s only recently that we’ve had problems.

As a business, and more importantly a web design business, accessing the internet is crucial to the daily running of the business. Without an internet connection I wouldn’t be able to do my job. BT business broadband do a good job of supplying access to the internet and we get pretty good speeds which is handy for a web design studio. Where BT have come crashing down this past week has been on file downloads.

Being a web design studio we download a lot. We also need to download quite large files sometimes. Last week we bought some software from the Apple app store and no matter what we did, it wouldn’t download. I’m sure we’ve downloaded large files before – admittedly, this one was over 9Gb – but for some reason it would only download the first 600mb and then fail with an error. After talking to a very nice engineer at BT it turns out the BT business hub has a secret file size limit! WTF! So I asked BT what the problem was. Apparently the version of the hub we have has been updated to the latest firmware and the firmware has a bug that doesn’t allow downloads over 2Gb. Ok, no problem I thought, just send me a new hub. No, they couldn’t do that! Ok, can the firmware be updated? Yes, but they didn’t know when it would be fixed! Can the firmware be rolled back to a working version? Err, no!

So, I’m left with a router/hub that won’t allow downloads over 2Gb which for a web design business is pretty prohibitive! I mentioned to BT that their router ‘wasn’t fit for purpose’ but all they said was ‘the routers purpose is to connect to the internet, which it does, if you CHOOSE to download once connected then thats up to you’!

Well, thanks a lot BT. To continue to do my web design job I now need to buy a new router that actually works and allows me to download large file because your hardware doesn’t actually work! Nice!