In tough times your website can be a real life-line. Compared to the costs of staff the costs of maintaining a website are minimal. A website can be made to work hard 24 hrs a day and reach customers all over the world if needed.

If you have a web presence, make sure your website is working as hard a possible for you. If its just a brochure site and only shows what you do then adapt it and turn it into a lead generator. Adding some clear call to action routes to a contact page could make a big difference. Could you add products to sell? If you could then you might be tapping into a huge market place for very little initial cost. If you’re already doing these things then maybe some SEO will bring in more new customers each month.

For a few thousand pounds a revamp on your web design or overhaul of your website features could make a big difference. With a monthly budget of a few hundred pounds you could try some SEO and bring in enough new business to make times feel less hard.

Don’t let your website sit there doing nothing when it could be bringing in new leads and earning your business vital revenue!