We live in a world where the Internet is now common place. Businesses should give e-commerce some serious consideration in this connected age because if you’re not selling online, you can guarantee your competitors are. Kc web design, Canterbury, Kent can help your business grow significantly with a new e-commerce website, so what should you consider when taking the leap into e-commerce?

Businesses that have both an offline and online outlet often find their websites more profitable as these require minimal maintenance and overheads. If you’re starting small then a website can mean low starting costs and increased sales – if it’s done right. A good ecommerce website is all about making it easy for the user to buy your goods or services, so the design is very, very important. Don’t settle for an off the self shopping cart with bad usability. Make sure the design is tailored to your market place or type of goods and make sure the shopping cart system is customised and changed to be usable. Web design is half look and feel and half usability. If a user can’t purchase a product easily and quickly they’ll go somewhere else.

Kc web design can help you create a website uniquely designed to your business needs and goals. If you are just starting a business then we can offer a special startup package for small-businesses. Our starter e-commerce packages start from £2000 + vat.

Large businesses usually have greater needs when it comes to E-commerce website design. Additional features, payment integration, stock and warehouse integration, crm systems, bespoke features and unique selling points can be designed and developed to create very unique shopping systems and e-commerce websites. Typically, a bespoke e-commerce website from kc web design will cost between £3000 and £10,000.

At kc web design, Canterbury, Kent we work on all levels of e-commerce website. Whatever your project, we can help so call us today fir an informal chat.