Web design isn’t just about your site looking good. Good web design also includes usability considerations, information architecture and content flow, call-to-action points and SEO.

Within a good website design, SEO is only one third of the issue. Making sure your website is designed correctly to capture and guide that traffic is key to converting casual browsers into new customers. Making sure your website is ready to capture these new users can be tricky but these 3 simple points will help you consider what your website should be doing and allow you to review your website design and decide if its doing the job it should be doing.

1) Get traffic coming to your site through SEO – make sure its good quality traffic, not just volume.

2) Make sure you retain the traffic – so that they read your site. The message from the search listing should be a good match to the content on your site and hence to new visitors expectations. Make sure the user is there because what they’ve clicked on really is relevant to the content on your site and make that content interesting and engaging.

3) Make sure they choose to contact you – funnel the visitors with an appropriate intensity e.g. be blunt or subtle or somewhere in between – this varies and is dependant on your market and proposition but your goal should be to make sure the user knows what to do next once they have decided they like you or your service.

Obviously, it can be much more complicated that that but this should allow you to evaluate your websites goals and see if its fulfilling its full potential. If its not then give us a call and see what we can do.