A question we get asked a lot is “How much does an ecommerce website cost?”. It’s not an easy question but we do have an answer.

To get you started in the world of ecommerce kc web design can offer an entry/mid level ecommerce system that includes a CMS backend system to manage products and orders and a front end, uniquely designed with your own web design by us to fit with your brand, that includes features such as cross-selling, wish lists, user ratings and comments, full payment systems including paypal and other major gateways and much more. So, back to the question, how much does an ecommerce website cost? Well, our entry level system costs £2000/2500 +vat depending on design and payment gateways used. We can add bespoke features at an addition cost. For more info please contact us or see our ecommerce section for more details.

For anything bigger than our entry level ecommerce websites we also offer a bespoke server where we can build your ecommerce website from the ground up to your exact specifications. Please contact us for more info.