After a hard days work at kc web design Kent I don’t normally dive into Facebook to socialise although I know a lot of people that do. I have to say I’m not the biggest Facebook fan. Never have been. I like to see what people have been up to, look at the odd photo but thats about it. At kc web design Kent we do create Facebook pages for businesses so I have to get my hands dirty sometimes.

Facebook have been buying up small companies for a while and last year they acquired a large web design company. In the later part of last year they bought Gowala, the popular location based service website, for a large sum. Facebook took on all the staff and founders to help improve their own location based web design services and then closed Gowala down. Another one bites the dust.

In the last few days it’s been all over Twitter and around the web design community that Facebook have bought Instagram, the hugely popular photo sharing app for 1 billion dollars. Facebook have said they want to run Instagram as a stand alone company and not do the same thing they did with Gowala. I hope this is true otherwise it will seriously look like Facebook is eating everything in its path and is trying to be everything to everyone. Instagram is a good service and one that I use a lot and it would be sad to see such a great app and website design disappear into the bowels of Facebook.

So, who’s next? What other web design startups will get savaged by Facebooks endless appetite? There are a massive amount of new web design and web app startups appearing at the moment, maybe a large percentage of these startups have one goal – to be successful and bought up by Facebook.

At kc web design Kent we are working on a new web app called Deltr, lets hope Facebook leaves us alone (unless they offer over 1 billion!).