I’m Paul, a freelance web designer in Kent. It’s taken me a while to actually come out and say it but yes, I am a freelance web designer. When I started kc web design Kent back in 2007 it was a collection of very talented web designers and developers all working as freelance web designers or freelance web developers in their own right but would come together under the kc web design umbrella for special projects. I still work with some of the original freelance web developers I did back then and these are the people I trust when big jobs come in. When the smaller jobs come in or jobs I know I can manage myself from a technical and timescale point of view then I’ll work solo, as a single freelance web designer.

It’s taken me a while to really appreciate what a single, lone freelance web designer can do and over 15 years as a web designer and developer have given me the skills to tackle most projects these days and so I do more work as a freelance web designer than I do in team based projects at kc web design Kent. As a freelance web designer I do still work in teams though and this is one of the great things about freelancing – you can work purely as a web designer or UI designer with a team of great people that are brilliant at their specific jobs. Being a freelance web designer in Kent also gives me the opportunity to work on some fantastic projects with people I wouldn’t normally get to work with and the variety and breadth of projects I work on now keeps every day new and exciting.

So, as kc web design Kent we do any kind of web design project with our great team here. As a freelance web designer I personally work on web design, iOS design or UI design projects of any size while also building Expression Engine and WordPress websites from scratch. If you’re looking for a freelance web designer in Kent for short or long term design projects then give me a call.