Fujitsu - kc web design kentOver the last few months, kc web design Kent have been working hard with Fujitsu UK and Progress SEO to completely rebuild and redesign the Fujitsu UK blog website.

Working with Progress SEO, kc web design Kent rebuilt the Fujitsu UK blog from the ground up. We setup a brand new server that was security audited by Fujitsu and installed WordPress on the dedicated system. WordPress was secured, tuned and audited again by Fujitsu to make sure the whole system was secure. Once kc web design Kent had built the core of the new system we created a unique WordPress theme that mirrored the look and feel of the Fujitsu UK website but had unique features for the blog and was hooked in to all the usual WordPress widgets and menus.

The old Fujitsu blog was structured in a very strange way and utilised WordPress Multisite to construct one site out of many sites with each website representing a different ‘blog’ subject. With the new Fujitsu UK blog website, kc web design Kent completely restructured the content and created one new site that held all the different blog subjects enabling Fujitsu to consolidate all their blogs into one easy to manage website.

The new Fujitsu UK blog is part of a wider campaign created by the fantastic Progress SEO and kc web design Kent will be working closely with them over the coming months to improve and adapt the Fujitsu UK blog for specific SEO purposes and design tweaks.

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