Good web design doesn’t come cheap. Good web design doesn’t have to cost the earth either, there is a middle-ground for good web design.

At kc web design Canterbury, we pride ourselves on our web design work. Personally, my background is in design. I started off in life as a photographer then did a post graduate in multimedia design then worked as a graphic designer for 5 years before starting to play with web design a few years before the .com bust years. In those days the web design company I worked for would charge a lot (100k) for a website that today costs a fraction of the price. Was a 100k website design back then worth 100k? Looking back I’d say no. Web design has come a long way since then, design skills for the web have improved, technology is better and the industry as a whole is far more rounded and level headed with real goals and standards.

Getting a good web design these days should cost you good money. You should be spending money on good web design as it will pay dividends in the long run and make the difference between a website that works and brings in new clients and one that doesn’t. The old saying – “pay peanuts, get monkeys” – is true and there are a lot of designers out ere without the core knowledge and skills to create meaningful user experiences that turn browsers into customers. Spend your money wisely on good web design and it will be money well spent.

Call kc web design Canterbury now for a quote for your project. We’re not cheap, but we’re not expensive either.