Google has always had a very simple interface, it’s been it’s most noticeable feature ever since it began and it’s what makes it such a joy to use. All a user wants to do when they go to Google is to search for something, so all Google displays is one search box and a search button. Simple. It’s an over simplified example, but this does demonstrate the key to almost all good web design and interface design. Simplicity. It’s what’s called the ‘KISS’ method – Keep It Simple Stupid – and it holds true for a lot of elements contained in websites.

Good website designers will understand that simplicity of design doesn’t necessarily mean basic or uncomplicated. A design can be very complicated in look and feel but still be very simple to use. Using clever design to help a user navigate easily while keeping pages uncluttered and information clear is very important and a lot of websites get it wrong – especially content heavy websites.

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