Technology doesn’t have to burn endless amounts of electricity. Your website design may be hi-tech but did you know your website could be run on solar or wind power.

At kc web design we host our clients sites on lots of different platforms and we have a few preferred hosting partners. We use MediaTemple for Notebox, our own hosting partner for most of our clients websites and we host the kc web design website with AISO which means this very website is being powered by the sun and the wind at this very moment!

Doing a little bit to help the environment where you can actually does make a big difference so if you’re thinking about a new website design or a complete website overhaul then maybe think about changing host and going green.

As an eco-friendly web design company in Kent we also recycle our old computers, have a specially built log cabin office that’s really warm in the winter, minimise numbers of computers by using virtual technologies and compost our office waste.

Good web design doesn’t have to cost the earth.