Here’s another kc web design kent book review and this one is a book no web design company should be without.

It’s been a while since we finished hardboiled web design by Andy Clarke at kc web design Kent but its still on my desk and I still go back to it. Hardboiled web design is beautifully designed with fantastic cover illustrations from Kevin Cornell and even came with a free giant poster! It covers a whole range of subjects from micro formats, the latest html5 tags to responsive web design , how to design for mobiles using 320 and up and much more. I found myself highlighting bits of web design information on almost every other page and some useful links from the book I still use now. Hard boiled web design feels like a big book with a huge amount of information, and it is, but once you start reading it’s a breeze to whiz through thanks to Andy’s great written style and wealth of knowledge.

Hard boiled web design is a book that he very web designer should read, regardless of your level,of expertise, as Andy Clarke knows what he’s talking about and has many years of experience being at the forefront of the web design industry. If you follow Andy on Twitter you’ll know he’s very outspoken and hard boiled web design is no different. Andy tells it like it is and doesn’t hold back and that’s why hardboiled web design is such a pleasure to read.

We get through a lot of books here at kc web design Kent and hard boiled web design has been one of our favorites in the last 6 months. Buy it now, you won’t be disappointed.