At kc web design, Canterbury we know how hard it is to select the right web design company for your project. Making sure you have the right company to start with is crucial, so take your time and think about the following points.


Don’t just pick a company because the web design they do looks good. A website has to be functional as well. Make sure that good web design translates to good user experience and a usable website. For and function should both be thought about when designing a website so if you don’t get asked about what your website should do for your business then you’re talking to the wrong people.


Communicating clearly with clients is absolutely crucial to a smooth project and a good client relationship. You should be able to easily understand everything your web designer talks about and it should all be explained and backed up with fact. There are lots of reasons why we do things a certain way on the web and not all of them are easily digested. If they don’t use plain English, keep looking.


Do you know exactly what you’re getting for your money once you receive a quote? Vague answers about potential costs shouldn’t be in any proposals. If the proposal has been writen well with broken down costs written in language you understand then thats good.

Actively Understanding Your Business

Most businesses expect their websites to help them achieve business goals. If your web designer can’t understand your business model or doesn’t seem interested in your goals then your website won’t be doing what it should for your clients and your business.


SEO – search engine optimisation – is about making it easy for search engines to find your website. If the best possible ranking is important to you make sure your web designer understands SEO or has an SEO partner.

Customers Come First

User experience is all about how easy and effortless it is for someone to use a website. A web designer should understand this and create the best possible user experience around your web design and business goals. Researching your market and competitors always helps understand your customers and as they’ll be the ones using the site is them that we should be designing for.


Any respectable web designer should be happy to provide a list of clients that are happy to talk to you about previous work or at least answer a few questions by email. Check LinkedIn and Dribbble to see what feedback is on the web.


Does your web designer create the content for your site, or do you have to provide the content? Some web designers offer content writing as an extra but you may pay a lot for it. As you know your business is often better for you to supply the content and let your web designer edit.


Designed your website is only part of the process of getting an online presence. Your site needs to live somewhere and may need a very specific setup or type of server. Most web designers will provide hosting services but if you already have your own be prepared to upgrade or move if necessary. If you’ve had hosting for a good few years it may be time to upgrade anyway.

After The Website Is Launched

Your designer should be able to make it easy for you to maintain and update you website using a CMS (content management system). If you don’t want to update the site yourself then your web designer may be able to do it for you for a monthly maintenance fee.

Now we’ve told you what you should be looking for in a web design company we’d like to also say that kc web design, Canterbury can do all these things and more so give us a call today for an informal chat.