At kc web design ltd, Kent we work a lot with WordPress and Expression Engine. On a recent project we decided to create a blank theme based on the fantastic HTML5 Boilerplate framework that we could use on other projects as a blank, basic template when we install Expression Engine.

The web design industry has embraced html5 and there are so many good things about using html5 that everyone in the web design industry should at least be trying it out and using some of the new features in html5 and CSS3.

There is a very good WordPress theme for HTML5 Boilerplate but I couldn’t find anything for Expression Engine, so, I built one!

The theme creates basic channels, uses snippets and includes and gives you a blank starting point for all your swanky new HTML5 designs. It needs a few plugins added such as Freeform, TruncHTML & tagstripper which I’ve bundled with the theme to make it easier. There are no CSS styles, you need to add these yourself for your design. The HTML5 Boilerplate website has lots of info on how to use the framework but the theme should be enough to get you up and running with a basic starting point in Expression Engine.

If you’ve been searching on Google for ‘HTML5 Boilerplate expression engine theme’ and you’ve ended up here then head over to the new HTML5 BoilerTemplatEE page to download the theme.