Take 30 mins out of your busy day, grab a pen and a piece of paper, pop the kettle on and sit down in front of your website. Chances are you may not have done that for a while so get your pen ready and start using your site as one of your users.

As you’re browsing your site think about your users and try and do what they would do. Keep that pen handy and every time you get stuck, can’t find a link, don’t know what to do next, get confused or stuck then write it down. Make sure you only spend 30 mins, no longer, and make a list of everything that slows you down or frustrates you. If you’re writing these points down then its very likely that your users/customers will be having exactly the same problems.

Good web design and a well thought out and user tested website should avoid these types of issues and make sure your website performs well for your users. If it doesn’t then its time to make some changes. Simple usability and design changes can make all the difference and very quickly turn a frustrating experience into a pleasurable one.

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Simple changes can make a huge difference.