Website design takes time. iPhone app design takes even longer. With so many assets to produce in so many formats and resolutions, creating a universal iPhone/iPad app can take many, many hours and a huge amount of attention to detail.

There are so many iPhone apps out there that look terrible, are illogical to use with no visual identity or anything to differentiate themselves in an ever growing market place. At kc web design kent we can’t stress enough how important it is to have your iPhone or iPad app professionally designed. It can turn a good idea in to a great app and make a massive difference to the success of your app!

At kc web design kent we take time to plan the app using sketches and drawings and then wireframes. Before we get to the design stage we know exactly what is going into the app and how it will work. Creating the design and look & feel from the wireframes becomes a lot easier when you know exactly what assets and content you have to try and fit onto that tiny screen space and make usable – and making it usable is the most important part of a good app.

Exporting out the graphic assets from your Photoshop files has always been a little tricky with all sorts of different methods being used from slices to copy merged duplicated windows. All of this can be very time consuming especially with multiple resolution displays. At kc web design Kent we recently games across this create little script for Photoshop called Ferry. Ferry is a script for exporting named layers and folders as correctly named png files in both retina and standard resolutions. On first look it seems great but I’ll be giving it a full test over the next few days on a big iPhone app project.

If you have an iPhone or iPad app project that you would like kc web design Kent to take a look at then please get in touch today. kc web design Kent have the design skills to make your app a success.