We’ve done a few iPhone/iPad apps here at kc web design Kent this year and the more we do for clients the more we’re thinking about designing our own app.

Coming up with the next big idea can be an arduous task and one that may not be of huge benefit. Coming up with the next Instagram or Draw It might be everyones dream but the practical side of it is a massive undertaking. Creating a unique idea, turning that into an app and then turning that into a profitable business can take years of man power. Many more of this type of app fail than they do succeed, so the question we’ve been asking here at kc web design Kent is – do we wait until we have the next big idea?

At kc web design Kent the consensus seems to be – NO. There are plenty of app marketplaces with space for new apps that do things a bit differently. In the web design and web app work we do here at kc web design kent we don’t wait for the next big idea to happen before we get stuck in. We’ve created web apps before that do a job many others do, we just do them different and better. So can we do an iPhone app different and better? I believe we can.

I’m a bit of a sucker for weather watching. I use the Met Office weather app, not because its good but because the weather info is good. There are a lot of other weather apps and a whole category for them in the app store. I’ve downloaded and used a lot of them but none really hit the mark. They’re either designed well but too simple or have a lot of weather info but look like the dogs dinner. I haven’t found my perfect weather app yet so there may be a gap in the market we could fill. So, watch out later this year for what could be the best weather app you’ve ever used from kc web design Kent.