iphone app designAt kc web design Kent we know the value gained from good wireframes when creating a website design, but with iPhone app design it’s even more important to get things perfect at the wireframe stage.

Planning and wire-framing an iPhone app design is one of the most important stages of the app design process. You don’t want to have to change something later on down the line that could mean redesigning whole screens so every element needs to be considered and thought out at this early stage. There is so little screen space to play with that just having to add an extra button could mean a complete redesign of a screen and this is best done at the wireframe stage rather than when the app has already been developed.

Making sure user flow, screen space and user interactions are consistent and in the right place and context is very important and easy to see once the iPhone app design has been planned out and wire-framed. I use Illustrator as its easy to move elements around and expand the art board as the wireframe grows. Having it all on one screen helps to see process flow and keep track of what screen comes next. Any standard elements like buttons, alerts, table views and user inputs can be laid out knowing that its easy to replay and move around any element. The iPhone app design we’re creating now went through many iterations and changes before the wireframes were signed off and changed significantly from the original design. Much better changing things at this stage than later on.

So, plan, wireframe, review, amend…wireframe, review, amend until you’re totally happy with how the app works. Then, it’s on to UI design and the app icon design.