A recent survey by 1&1 Internet has concluded that 37% of people have walked away from doing business with an online company simply because their website design was bad.

So, what is a baldy designed website? It’s not just about the way it looks its also about how it works and how users interact with it. Nearly all good web designers will have considered and found solutions to the following problems when building a website but, if your current website is having any of these problems then you may need to consider fixing them, or you could loose business.

Website running a bit slow?

Is your website running a bit slow and is it just slow enough to make users wait to long and get frustrated? Can it sometimes go down for short periods leaving you with now website at all? Any problem like this will have an effect on your brand perception and how users view your service and reputation. If you are having problems like this then its possible that your website might be outdated or you server/hosting isn’t up to the job. Have you been using Compuserve since the early days and are still running your website on their hosting. If you are then it might be time for an upgrade. We supply all kinds of hosting options with out webdesign packages from basic starter hosting to dedicated servers tailored to your specific needs.

Website design looking a bit old and outdated?

Website design trends move very quickly. What was the height of design fashion on the web 3 years ago is probably looking very outdated now. If you site does start to look outdated but your competitors are changing theirs then you might start to loose customers to them. Keeping your website looking fresh and up-to-date needn’t be an expensive job, simple changes can make a big difference. A few changed images, updated colours and buttons and your website design could be looking a lot better. Adding a few clear ‘call to action’ graphics to push users into completing simple tasks such as contacting you or filling out a form can also make a big difference.

Content feeling a bit tired and boring?

Theres nothing worse than going back to a website 6 months on and seeing that nothing has changed. To keep your website fresh and looking like its a constantly evolving, dynamic business, its good to keep it up-to-date and changing. Building your website on a CMS (Content Management System) can really help make it easy to update on a regular basis and will enable you full control over content and images. Just opened a new shop or extended your warehouse, then you could easily add a new page and upload a new photo to let your customers know. Having a news section can really help keep things fresh and Google loves news. In fact, having a news/articles section that gets updated regularly – at least 1/2 times a week – will greatly improve your search engine rankings.

What should I do if I have these problems?

If your current website design is failing on any of the above points then its time to talk to a professional web design company like kc web design Kent. We have over 15 years of web design experience in all these areas and we can make your website a success. Contact us now on 0845 3631162 for a chat about how we can improve your online business or give your old website a make over.