P9233_3qtrSecond only to password hell comes data backup hell. In an ideal world I’d have super fast broadband (<rant>Yes, I’m pointing the finger at you BT, you who deemed it not economically viable to put in fibre broadband in our village yet less than a mile up the hill you did! Now thats really supporting British rural businesses!</rant>) and back everything up to the cloud in the blink of an eye. In reality, my 6mb internet connection manages to push up a few hundred MB of changed data per day on a regular backup to Amazon S3 for the most important bits of data and work. The rest is resigned to local hard drive backups on Time Machine.

Over the years I’ve had a lot of different hard drives in the studio at kc web design kent and believe it or not, after 10 years, some of them are still going strong. Others haven’t faired so well. A Western Digital My book drive literally lasted a few months and never really worked well from the start. I’ve never bought a Western Digital drive since.

The drives that are all still working and never seems to miss a beat in the office here at kc web design kent are all made by Lacie. No matter what other drives I try I always come back to Lacie drives because, for me at least, they seem so reliable. My latest Lacie hard drive is the one pictured above, a 4TB LaCie Porsche Design Desktop Drive, which is a new redesigned version of the one they produced in 2003 (which I still have and is still going strong). I like the simple, elegant design that looks great on your desk and the ease of use. It works perfectly with Time Machine and when its on and backing up you hardly notice its there.

The price of hard drives has come down considerably over the last few years and for 4TB of drive space its now only £150! At that price its silly not to have everything backed up. Don’t wait until you loose everything, by a hard drive and at the very least backup everything to that. And if you can do cloud backups then do those as well. Don’t loose important data or those baby videos you forgot about on your laptop because you didn’t back up, buy a hard drive and do it now!