It seems like every few weeks now our Google search rankings for kc web design Kent take quite a large dip. Another Google algorithm update or just bad SEO? I’m beginning to think its the former. We don’t really change our SEO model that much, we try to write good content, don’t try and get bad back links or any other back-handed methods and we make sure we stick to all the guidelines. But when Google make a major change to the searches we do seem to dip quite a lot.

Last week we were slowly rising up the search listings for ‘website design kent’ and had made it on to page 2. Not a bad job out of 12,300,000 results! Suddenly, without any warning or reason kc web design Kent dropped from page 2 to page 5 overnight. And some of our other listing went the same way…we were on page 3 for ‘web design kent’ and took a big dip down to page 7 for that one. Other search terms such as ‘website design canterbury’ and ‘web design canterbury’ faired a little better and our page 1 ranking stayed in place but dropped a few places. It may be that there’s a huge amount of competition for the major search terms and keywords such as ‘web design kent’ and ‘website design kent’ and this competition is creating the fluctuations. I’d expect a bit of natural movement up and down in the organic search listings but dropping 3/4 pages overnight seems very harsh.

For ‘web design kent’ and ‘website design kent’ we have now come back up a few pages but we’re still down on what we had last week. Maybe after a few more good, keyword rich articles we’ll be back up to where we were before. If there’s a lesson learned here its that SEO isn’t a quick fix and leave alone option. SEO takes hard work, ongoing monitoring and constant tweaking.