kc web design kent - design is a job book review

kc web design Kent – ‘Design is a job’ review

Design is a job by Mike Monteiro is a must read for all web designers that have their own businesses or do a lot of freelance work. In fact, any one who does web design and deals with clients should read this book.

It’s a small, perfectly written in a light hearted easy to read manner and packed with so many useful tips that you’ll wonder how you managed before. At kc web design Kent we’ve spent years refining our processes and the way we work with clients and charge for our services but there were still some great nuggets of information in ‘Design is a job’ that have become invaluable already. Even the bits that kc web design Kent have got right over the past few years have been reaffirmed after reading ‘Design is a job’. It’s a real confidence boost to know that you’re doing things right and that one of the leading designers in the web design industry has decided to do things the same way!

‘Design is a job’ is a great read. It’s not a huge book so it’s easy to get through quickly and it’s also easy to dip in and out of and flick through certain chapters to find those golden nuggets of information on subjects you’re less confident about or are maybe having trouble with at the time. And believe me, there are plenty of bits of useful information on all sorts of subjects and processes and ideas related to your web design business. ‘Design is a job’ is on my desk right now at kc web design Kent and it should be on your to. Go get it now…http://www.abookapart.com/products/design-is-a-job