kc web design Kent - App Cooker reviewIn the last part of this series – kc web design Kent tools for web design – mobile testing – we talked about mobile testing and responsive web design tools. In this article I’m going to talk about one iPad app..App Cooker.

App Cooker is an iPad app fir designing and wire-framing your iOS app. Sketching out a web design or iPhone app design on paper is always a good place to start but soon you’ll need to start really planning and working on the UI of your web design project or iPhone app to see how all the screens are going to work together. It’s more important to mock-up the user interactions on an iPhone app than it is on a web design project because there are multiple ways a user can interact with an iOS app using touches and gestures. App Cooker allows you to mock-up your iPhone app design in a sketch style format or a proper native control format and link your screens together using native gestures and page transitions to really get a feel for how your app will work on the iOS device.

We’ve been trying out App Cooker here at kc web design Kent for a week or two now and in that time there have been two app updates that have added some great new features. The app is easy to use and allows you to quickly create some very polished UI design and screen interactions. The added benefit of App Cooker are the app icons designs screens and the way you can work out your pricing structure and revenue from the app store all with the app. You can also try out your app store text and keywords and then share the whole project with other members. You can also export as PDF or the in built app taster file format to then view your mockups on the actual device as if you were looking at a finished app.

After using App Cooker for a few weeks all of us at kc web design kent give it a big thumbs up. Give it a try now…http://www.appcooker.com